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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Night To Become "Legendary"

                     Photo Courtesy of FullofFlava (from L to R: Dolla Black, Coke Bumaye, Hollywood Luck, Savvy & Tricky LT 45)

If you've been around the Jackson Music Scene or surrounding areas in the past 5 years or more, then these 5 individuals name should pop up in much or many of the discussions when it comes to the soundscape of Jackson. Dolla, Coke, Luck, Savvy & Tricky have been a vital part of the Music Scene not just in the City of Jackson, but outside the State Lines as well. So when it was announced that these guys would come together to put on what may be one of the biggest showcases this year, it is and will be a night to remember! So on August 25th be sure to leave that day open! For one night, this may be a show that could go down as a Legendary and Star Studded Event! So for those who are unfamiliar, I created a playlist to get you in tuned! May I see you there! Get Ready!!

The Legends of Summer Playlist (click here)