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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

TKWGO Forever: A Tribute to Lil Lonnie 1995 - 2018

"I'm come from a small city. North Jackson to be exact. Don't too many make it out where I'm from. See Jackson is like every major's infested with drugs, different sides divided by territory and actual retaliation. I lost my Mom at an early age, so I grew up in a single father home in one of the worst neighborhoods in the City. We didn't have much, but I know I wanted better for myself and my family. I went and put in overtime from hustlin'and paying for the studio time, to grinding getting paid to do shows from Gulfport to Milwaukee. I didn't have much, but I had a vision."  "Make A Way" -Lil Lonnie

Lonnie's vision was coming into fruition. At 22, he had accomplished a lot and was doing it in a fashion that most from his hometown haven't seen. On April 29, 2018, the City of Jackson had suffered a major loss. When the word spread that the young Artist/Rapper Lil Lonnie had lost his life to senseless violence, it shook the City and surrounding areas! Lonnie's music and impact touched many. Major Artists such as Juicy J, Project Pat and LL Cool J (just a name of few) all paid their respects to the slain rapper. 

Lonnie's untimely death has a narrative that has been common in the music community. It goes something like this: Young Rapper/Artist on the verge of great promise pronounced dead in his hometown. Artists such as Atlanta's Bankroll Fresh, Alabama's Doe B and Detroit's Dex Osama have all lost their lives before their careers took off. It's truly a tragedy and the people and fans who loved and supported the music are left with the undying question...WHY??

We may never get the answer to that question. But we shall never forget the contributions that these artists left behind! Lonnie's legacy will continue to live on. Known as an advocate for unity, his life will be remembered and his music will continue to grow! The world will now know what's going on Lonnie!! May you Rest In Peace!

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