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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

While I Was Away...Just Know I Was Working

What's good my people? I wanna explain why I've been absent as of late. I'm currently back in the lab working on a joint venture with one of my favorite artist and frequent collaborators Hollywood Luck. We've started this project at the top of the year and I must say this is some great body of work. We hope you all will appreciate it. Outside of the music, I've been dealing with some internal issues. As a Husband and a Father, you often have to make some sacrifices that can pull away from your creativity. I'm not complaining though. This journey has been a interesting one. If anything I want to see the meaning behind this all. Anyway I want to thank everyone who has took time out to look at any post, video, etc.! I truly appreciate it! I want to continue giving you more and I hope you all would like me to! I leave with saying this as I always do....I do this for the love! Thank you!

Peace and Love,
                           Rashad Street

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