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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Artists You Need To Know: D. Horton

The 1st time I heard D. Horton, he was performing at Hal & Mal's during Jackson Indie Week this past January. I instantly became a fan! His raw energy combined with his delivery and how he controlled the crowd was something that captivated me. I really hate drawing comparisons, but his sound is reminiscent to Andre 3000 with a little Project Pat. Inadvertently, D. Horton's comparisons to some major artists doesn't affect his overall stance of what he brings to the table. With his The Sessions series, D. Horton's music has a good mixture of substance and overall quality sound! Be sure to check out Dave The Rapper and get to know him better! Thank Me Later! Follow @ks_dhorton

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie don't need No Investors!

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie "No Investors" (Download Here)

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie are doing things their way! With over 11k+ downloads, No Investors proves that these cats are truly young and in charge! With production from 808 Mafia's own TM88 as well as XL Eagle & Trell Got Wings, this 7 piece is a must have for your Summer Ride Playlist! Be sure to go checkout this project and stay in tuned! Follow at @parkway_dee & @_lillonnie_