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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DONO Vegas documents his life on Valley St. Vegas

If there was anyone who could paint a picture more vivid about their plight and life story with such vigor, it would be none other than Vegas. Hailing from the Westside of Jackson, DONO Vegas gives his life trails and tribulations on Valley Street Vegas. This project depicts a man who has seen his fair share of shortcomings and was reluctant enough to get out to tell the tale. With songs like "Blessing Me", Why Me" & the street anthem "Valley Street", this is a press play worthy project. There is no date for the release as of yet but be sure to click on the website for more updates. Follow @dono_vegas

Slimm Pusha brings life with New Album OFDF OFDR

It was August 27th of last year. My family and I were in attendance for my best friend's son 2nd birthday party. All was good until I received a text that was quite off. It read "I need you to send a prayer up for Slimm". What I come to find out a few weeks later shocked me as well as the music world revolving around me. In Atlanta, Slimm P was fighting for his life after a swimming incident left the Jackson rhymespitter unconscious for months. With much prayer and several events to help aid Slimm Pusha's recovery, he returned to us a new person with a stronger vision.

Before the incident, Slimm was hard at work on his 6th LP entitled OnlyFaDaFreakz OnlyFadaRightchuz. Now that he's back, he truly delivered and it was well worth the wait! He connected with longtime collaborator and producer 5th Child to carve out some solid jams. Checkout "S'all Good", Xtrafuxxx & Talking 2 God. This is sure to keep you in the groove so make sure you go and support good music! Follow @slimmpusha