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Bob Street-"JXN MISS" (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

While I Was Away...Just Know I Was Working

What's good my people? I wanna explain why I've been absent as of late. I'm currently back in the lab working on a joint venture with one of my favorite artist and frequent collaborators Hollywood Luck. We've started this project at the top of the year and I must say this is some great body of work. We hope you all will appreciate it. Outside of the music, I've been dealing with some internal issues. As a Husband and a Father, you often have to make some sacrifices that can pull away from your creativity. I'm not complaining though. This journey has been a interesting one. If anything I want to see the meaning behind this all. Anyway I want to thank everyone who has took time out to look at any post, video, etc.! I truly appreciate it! I want to continue giving you more and I hope you all would like me to! I leave with saying this as I always do....I do this for the love! Thank you!

Peace and Love,
                           Rashad Street

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Artists You Need To Know: D. Horton

The 1st time I heard D. Horton, he was performing at Hal & Mal's during Jackson Indie Week this past January. I instantly became a fan! His raw energy combined with his delivery and how he controlled the crowd was something that captivated me. I really hate drawing comparisons, but his sound is reminiscent to Andre 3000 with a little Project Pat. Inadvertently, D. Horton's comparisons to some major artists doesn't affect his overall stance of what he brings to the table. With his The Sessions series, D. Horton's music has a good mixture of substance and overall quality sound! Be sure to check out Dave The Rapper and get to know him better! Thank Me Later! Follow @ks_dhorton

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie don't need No Investors!

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie "No Investors" (Download Here)

Parkway Dee & Lil Lonnie are doing things their way! With over 11k+ downloads, No Investors proves that these cats are truly young and in charge! With production from 808 Mafia's own TM88 as well as XL Eagle & Trell Got Wings, this 7 piece is a must have for your Summer Ride Playlist! Be sure to go checkout this project and stay in tuned! Follow at @parkway_dee & @_lillonnie_

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

DONO Vegas documents his life on Valley St. Vegas

If there was anyone who could paint a picture more vivid about their plight and life story with such vigor, it would be none other than Vegas. Hailing from the Westside of Jackson, DONO Vegas gives his life trails and tribulations on Valley Street Vegas. This project depicts a man who has seen his fair share of shortcomings and was reluctant enough to get out to tell the tale. With songs like "Blessing Me", Why Me" & the street anthem "Valley Street", this is a press play worthy project. There is no date for the release as of yet but be sure to click on the website for more updates. Follow @dono_vegas

Slimm Pusha brings life with New Album OFDF OFDR

It was August 27th of last year. My family and I were in attendance for my best friend's son 2nd birthday party. All was good until I received a text that was quite off. It read "I need you to send a prayer up for Slimm". What I come to find out a few weeks later shocked me as well as the music world revolving around me. In Atlanta, Slimm P was fighting for his life after a swimming incident left the Jackson rhymespitter unconscious for months. With much prayer and several events to help aid Slimm Pusha's recovery, he returned to us a new person with a stronger vision.

Before the incident, Slimm was hard at work on his 6th LP entitled OnlyFaDaFreakz OnlyFadaRightchuz. Now that he's back, he truly delivered and it was well worth the wait! He connected with longtime collaborator and producer 5th Child to carve out some solid jams. Checkout "S'all Good", Xtrafuxxx & Talking 2 God. This is sure to keep you in the groove so make sure you go and support good music! Follow @slimmpusha

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Phoenix Sun's Devin Booker makes History

Moss Point's own and Phoenix Suns Guard Devin Booker may be on everyone's radar as of right now! There's only been 6 other players (Kobe & Wilt are just a name of the few) who have achieved this milestone. At the tender age of 20, Booker put up 70 points in a loss against the Boston Celtics. Giving the excitement of March Madness, Devin (who also played for the Kentucky Wildcats) are rolling high after their victory against the UCLA Bruins. Despite losing against the Celtics, Booker is showing promise to become one of the NBA's rising stars! Keep your eye out for Devin Booker! Congrats!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Dolla Black presents us Black Fridays

Last month, BDE General Dolla Black took us on a journey with a series of tracks released each Friday. The result ended up being a 5 piece entitled Black Fridays. Dolla has always being creative in his marketing strategies and this is one way to keep the listeners plugged in. With records like "Almost Time" and "Guess Who Back" beating out through the speakers, you can't help but ride the wave. Black Fridays is now available on iTunes or you can go to the link above. Follow @dollablackbde

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mississippi Blues Legend Bobby Rush wins his 1st Grammy at age 83

                                         Photo Courtesy of C. Pizzello/Invision/AP

At age 83, Mississippi's own & Blues Legend Bobby Rush has reached a pinnacle most musicians can only dream of accomplishing. He won a Grammy! This prestige award holds much weight and who more deserving this gentleman! With over 350 songs under his belt and countless achievements, this is just the tipping of the iceberg! Congrats Mr. Rush! As a fellow musician and Mississippian, this is definitely something to aspire to! For more on this and Bobby Rush, click here: Bobby Rush 1st Grammy

Coke Bumaye gives us Purpose

Download Coke Bumaye's "Purpose" (Click Here)

South Jackson's own Coke Bumaye has been working steadily on his long awaited LP Separation (which is due later this year). If you wondering what to expect from this project, don't worry!!! Coke gives us "Purpose" which is the 1st offering from the project. Released on Valentine's Day but clearly this record has a more profound meaning and statement. Check it out in the link above and follow Coke @cokebumaye

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Parkway Dee is bringing the New Year in with a Cold Heart

Download Parkway Dee's Cold Heart (Click Here)

Parkway Dee is starting the New Year off with an 8 piece entitled Cold Heart . If you haven't checked out his previous mixtape Parkway Got Wings, go ahead and do so now! This project has already grew legs with over 39k in views and over 5k in streams! Don't get caught sleeping! Get in tuned to Parkway Dee! Follow @parkway_dee