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Sunday, October 4, 2015

AVEVO & Dolla Black-BlackOut EP

Being that I'm an Artist & Producer, I know firsthand the importance of the 2. It's a rare case when you find the combination come together in perfect symmetry. Enter AVEVO & Dolla Black. These 2, one being the Artist and the other the Producer, have created a formula that has took (to my knowledge) 6 years to formulate. It has been battle tested and the end result... The BlackOut EP. This project showcases the growth between 2 people who've truly understood that one can't stand alone without the other. AVE created a sound scape that fits Dolla's strengths and at some point, challenged him. Within this 19 minute showing, you will hear a culmination of 2 individuals plight and how thier struggle became their recipe for success! If you get a chance, click the link above and prepare to Black Out! Follow @DollaBlackBDE & @_avevo

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