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Bob Street-"JXN MISS" (Official Music Video)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

FulloFlava-The Movement 2

FulloFlava is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Being one of the City and State's most sought out photographers and all round taste makers has giving FOF access to move on to other ventures! So it's not a stretch when art comes full circle. The Movement 2 is an effort showcasing some of Jackson's and the surrounding areas best MC's! Check out new music from Sachmoe, Rozay Mo, JSuper and more! This is a must have for your collection! Get in tuned with The Sight of the City. Follow @fulloflava

DJ LakeGang-LakeGang or Drown Vol. 2

DJ LakeGang and her camp UGRR are known for making sure that the great State of Mississippi is represented in the right manner. So on her second effort LakeGang or Drown Vol. 2 she did just that! With new music spanning across majority of the 82 counties form Mississippi, she's provides over 40 + joints! So if you don't know what the Sipp sounds like, go check this project out! Follow @lakegangordrown

5th Child-The Child Support EP

5th Child has got to be one helluva Chess player because you never know what his next move is going to be. His next LP Conversations with GOD is slated to be released sometime soon. But in the meantime, he quietly released The Child Support EP to keep us in suspense until his next move! This 5 piece is a great showing from the Jackson MC. He displays a lot of growth and maturity. The production is stellar and the wordplay is flawless! If this project is any insight on what the album is going to be like, then we'll be definitely appeased as listeners! So go support this project! Follow @5thchildmusic

According to Sika

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything! I've been currently working on several projects and it has had me locked down lately! But it's good to know someone has been keeping their eyes & ears to the streets. Fellow Blogger/Musician Sika J is well known for her bold statements and topics. So with the current state of Music on the local scene seeming stagnant, she goes to make a very valid statement via Facebook. Here's here take on the matter at hand.

Except from Sika J's Facebook Page:

You like that new Drake/Future ish huh? Imagine that excitement and your participation in the ‪#‎hashtag, hence, free promotion, being given for a full 24 hours to a mixtape or project release of people like LakeGang who is dropping something on Sprinrilla in a few hours, or artist like Dolla Black who just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of one of his biggest projects ‪#‎LetMeWork, or artist like Silas, who constantly drops two or three songs a month for our listening pleasures as we patiently wait on ‪#‎RapRevolt‬, or TLO and all the movement he started making last week with ‪#‎LucidDreamz, or DJ Jonasty dropping two mixups by Slimm Pusha on ‪#‎SoundCloud that will get you through any hard moment through the day, or #‎ScraperGang‬ dropping this after that, or Lil Chris Manne performing all over the city, or J Skyy and Rozay Mo preparing to drop ‪#‎PerfectChronicles, or Tricky constantly working and preparing us for his next project adventures, or DJs like Young Venom, Scrap, and NastySho constantly giving us socials to either attend or spread the word about so we can "get familiar" with what's in our surroundings, or Th eHood Hippie providing us with all the info we need along with ‪#‎RashadStreet giving us the perfect guide on how or who to support, and ill stop there but I'm nowhere near done. Imagine if we pushed them, the way you push mainstream mess that will never generate money in your area or life, how viral and successful they can quickly become because of us alone? You guys know how to support. You just don't know who deserves it or who to give it to, even though we tell yall day in and out to "support your own" but I'm schleep.

So needless to say we have the power to make our City or State valid. So who's ready to take that stand! #supportyourown Follow Sika J @sika.j