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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mojo Kezz-1989

Black Dolla Entertainment is a label that is on the rise! So far they've released 3 projects this year and it doesn't seem like this train is about to stop no time soon! Enter Mojo Kezz, a up and coming fire starter from the BDE camp who's ready to stake his claim with 1989. This 10 piece gives us a little insight into a youngster who has everything to gain and nothing to lose! Records like "Born To Be Great" & "Seasons" were a solid effort! The defining record that stood out the most was "You're the Reason" (My Cup Pt. 3) which tells a story that most Men would stray away from. I applaud the honesty and the grit Mojo exudes on this project! Check it out & follow @MojoKezz

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