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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

V'Day Showdown

This Valentine's Day set off a showdown between some of Mississippi's most prominent artists! It you couldn't decide which to listen to 1st, it's okay! There was no disappointments on each end. Tricky LT 45 revamps with his release of One Hot Summer which indeed was packed with heat and included a special 16 from Crooked Lettaz & Mississippi's own David Banner on "Dead Serious". Rozay Mo also revamps with Valentines Day Massacre Two. This project is a roller coaster as it gives you extreme highs and lows. Overall, you can't deny the music as Rozay provides the soundtrack for Street Love! To round it off, Hollywood Luck returns as The Inside Man with La Grande Amour. If you need your R&B fix with an edge, this is your joint! This 10 piece provides just enough to get you where you need to be! The beauty behind each project is that all of these artists are featured on each others projects! So if that's not love than what is? So do yourself a favor and go get these projects & spread the love! Follow @trickylt45 @rozaymo601 @hollywood_luck

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