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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Voyage To Cadillactica

To give you a better understanding of my appreciation for Cadillactica, I would have to take you back to 2009. As I remember, I went to Bebop Records (which is now closed down) for my normal Tuesday pick-up for some new music. This particular Tuesday, I was disappointed as I couldn't build myself up to purchase anything. So as I always did, I soaked up game from my homie and Bebop employee at the time DJ Phingaprint. As I explained my disgust for the the state of Hip-Hop and my agony for not being able to cop some new music, he introduced me to Big K.R.I.T.. When I heard K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, I immediately became an instant fan. From his soulful production and delivery, I was more intrigued that he was a product of Mississippi. Not soon after, I actually got a chance to meet the Meridian, MS. MC/Producer outside of the nightclub Mardi Gras (now Club Magoo's) as he was doing a Meet & Greet in my City. I like that he was very approachable and we actually spoke on one of my favorite records "Something". After that 1st encounter, I followed his career and I must say that K.R.I.T. has continued to grow as an artist! Which brings me to Cadillactica and why I feel this album should be appreciated. In this industry, there isn't much staying power these days. A lot of these artists come off as a product on an assembly line. So when you actually get a chance to come across an artist that has "IT", it's a breath of fresh air! Some may not understand the impact that K.R.I.T. has on the game and that's fine. It won't be long before everybody see what Mississippi has already witnessed in the pass 5 years or more! We have something to say! Open your ears and come soak up this game! Homegrown and made in the land of Catfish & Cotton! Thank You for reading and go take a visit Cadillactica! Follow @BIGKRIT

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