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Friday, September 26, 2014

Dolla Black-Let Me Work

Dolla Black has been patiently waiting for this moment. The green light has arrived and he took off at in aggressive pace. When you've been placed on the sideline for so long, there's a piece of you that grows cold. In Dolla's case, he just established his brand and put the pieces to the puzzle together. The result...Let Me Work. This project embodies the work of a man who has put time & effort into each record. It gives insight not only of what Dolla expresses as an artist, but the mind of a true hustler. Records like "Let Me Be Great", "F.A.N." & "On Me" are 3 records that are gems on this project. I'm proud to see the progression of Dolla Black. After so many delays, it's a pleasure to finally watch him work! Follow @DollaBlackBDE 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Review-Core DJs Takes Over Jackson

So Jackson had the pleasure of hosting The Core DJs Conference that took place over the course of 4 days! With all the events & panels, the City of Jackson seem to have taken advantage of the situation. What really stood out the most to me was the unity from the Artists & DJ's from the home team. We really represented ourselves well and I hope that the impact from this event will exceed far beyond this past weekend! Shout out to DJ M.O.B., DJ Jonasty & DJ Finesse for putting on for the City by releasing 3 mixtapes that highlighted some of the City's hottest Artists! To Tony Neal & the Core DJ's family, I hope you all enjoyed your stay in Jackson. As you can see, we our locked & loaded with talent! My message to every Artist, we have the ability to do something special for our State. As we all should know, everyone has to play a role in order for this to work. Once we understand that, we can't lose! We have to support our own! Get out that box and see what's around you! Let's Work!!

         Rashad Street

"It's not where you're from, it's what you do!" -Tony Neal

Tira D-Prelude II

They say that our future lies in the younger generation. Seems scary with all that's has transpired in recent events! But all is not lost (at least for the rap generation). Tirashun Dixon (better known as Tira D) can reassure that Hip-Hop is alive and has the spark to prove it! With her recent release Prelude II, Tira D spits bars that exceeds her youth! Highly influenced by the late Tupac Shakur, the femcee/songbird has a rugged delivery with social awareness that is on point. There's still room for growth for the young spitta, but rest assured it can only get better! Follow @Iam_Tira

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Young Vega$-Double Feature

If you look in the dictionary for resilience, under the definition would probably be a small picture of Young Vega$. This Mississippi bred emcee has overcome some small feats and obstacles. With all that has been placed in his path, he has steadily kept pushing forward and is slowly taking over! To his credit, he's released not one but two projects in the same day! With the assistance of DJ Young Shawn, he's crafted 2 certified bangers. Mississippi River & Jackpot 1.5 has shown a lot of Vega$ growth as an artist as well as man! There's no need for me to handpick records. You'll need to listen to these records front to back to get a true understanding of what the Valley Street Hustler is all about! Take heed to what I say, don't sleep on Vega$ and for damn sure don't be fake! It's real music! You can bet the house on it! Follow @DONO_Vegas