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Monday, August 25, 2014

Skipp Coon-Miles Garvey

Mississippi's own & devout Jafrican Skipp Coon has been considered one of the most angriest emcees to control a mic. Although, beyond the anger lies a social & political awareness that is pierced in the music like a shot of aged Tequila. So for the listener, you can either take your shot & stand strong or fall back. Either way the message will still be as clear! Miles Garvey is not your typical Rap/Hip-Hop album! With the abrasive production combined with unapologetic lyrics, this may be too much for the closed minded! Records like "Binary Thinking", "Ruremarm" & "Assata Taught Me (Page 181)" gives you a piece of the man behind the revolution! So with fair warning, if you're looking for a dance record or happy song, I ask that you turn away! Freedom Follow @SkippCoon

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