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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coke Bumaye-Americaz Nightmare

Coke Bumaye has made it clear that he makes his music for his people and those who're in struggle like him. So if you're looking for a play play sing-a-long record, this is not for you! Americaz Nightmare (Hosted By DJ Bang Bang) is a true sentiment to who Coke is and what he stands for. Records like "You Gotta Luv Me", "Dope 2 (Extended Version)" & "Feel Alive" sets the tone for this record and gives you, the listener, an understanding that all rap music is not glitter & gold! This is truly a project to have in your collection. Don't sleep on Coke or nightmares won't be the only thing you need to worry about! Follow @cokebumaye

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