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Bob Street-"JXN MISS" (Official Music Video)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chuck Tee-Where's My Lighter?

Mississippi's own Chuck Tee is a Skateboarder who can spit a few bars (and does it quite well actually). Where's My Lighter? (Hosted By ATL's DJ Genius) reveals the self-proclaimed "Black Zeus" as an insomniac who's often driven by exploits of sex, drugs & having a high disregard for law enforcement. Songs like "30", "GTA V" & "Nothing On Me" are just a few highlights on this project which would've made an excellent 2 Part series. Chuck Tee draws close comparisons to Curren$y or Wiz Khalifa as he delivers over stellar production. Overall, this is the perfect set for the Stoned & Skaters alike. So get plugged in and help Chuck find his lighter!! Follow @Chuck_Tee

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rozay Mo-Kush Kingdom

Rozay Mo is back at it and never late with his 2nd ode to 4/20 with Kush Kingdom. If Devin the Dude had a nephew, he would surely be Rozay as he keeps it mellow, calm & collective over classic smooth melodies! Records like "Burden", "Don Deal" & "I Don't" help elevate this record to the level it needs to be! If you are a frequent flyer, than you need this soundtrack to help you navigate! Follow @RozayMo

Dolla Black-Always Bet on Black!

BDE's Dolla Black of Dem Boyz notoriety has stepped out own his own and unleashed his Maxi-Single simply entitled Dolla Black. This project gives a small offering of the man with the signature baritone until he releases Dolla & A Dream. Take a minute out of your day and go download this right now!! Thank me later! Follow @DollaBlackBDE

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata-The Wolf and the Lion

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata often referred to as Kids of the Night of the Jackals collective have carefully crafted a solid piece of work in The Wolf and the Lion. This project display the twin wordsmiths masterfully conveying a witty vernacular over some heavy production. Checkout records such as "Jesus Christ", "Welcome to the Serengeti" & "Lactrodetus". Overall, this is a record that needs to be heard! Don't sleep on this, get in tuned! Follow @AhmadRashad & @SaddiSundiata