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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Slimm Pusha-HVSC

Slimm Pusha has taken us on roller coaster ride for the past 3 years! From his mystical methods & his creative lingo, we all have been intrigued by the self proclaimed "Magician". With 4 projects under his belt, he has unleashed another mixup that is soon to be another gem for us all to marvel! Hennessi Very Special Combaq comes off very vintage with it's soulful and classic sound. Slimm Pusha brings his wordplay to the forefront as he gives an intoxicating delivery that would keep you wanting more! Records like "CharliBrown", "FadedFuQFaces" & "FuQa95" sets the tone for this solid effort. Slimm P has always given us something different on each mixup, so it's quite evident you can see the growth. This is a great start to an already very impressive career. This is just the beginning! We can expect that Slimm will continue to do more magic for us in the near future! Stay Tuned! Follow @slimmPUSHA 

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