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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Official Exclusive: LIV-"One More Hit"

LIV-"One More Hit" (Click Here)

Los Angeles native LIV aka OG (Olivia Walker) may be known to many as 1/3 of the Soulful Girl Band Calico Panache who killed it at BET's 106 & Park's W.O.W. a few years ago. What you may not know is that LIV has hooked up with Jackson's own Strongarm to give you a solid banger in "One More Hit". This record comes off very melodic & soulful as OG gives you a very bittersweet story that sounds so beautiful that you just wanna drift away in the music. If this is what is to be expected from Cali songbird, then we are in for a beautiful ride! Follow @MusicO_Onerd

JSuper-This Is It

Jackson, Ms Artist/Producer JSuper has put it all on the line with This Is It. I can't help but draw comparisons to Boo Rossini in which JSuper's delivery is quite similar. With some stellar production that varies across this project, you can't deny JSuper's smooth cadence combine with heavy beats & scene stealing features. Checkout records "Operator", "Trust" & "Decisions". Weather you're riding through the city or just want vibe out, pop this in and press play! That's It! Follow @JSuper601

DJ Hustle On-Fly High Alumni

Mob Style DJ & Hattiesburg's own Hustle On has teamed up with UGR's Howard Boy to present Fly High Alumni. This project is filled with some of Mississippi's hottest artists as well as a few Major Players. Don't sleep on this mixtape! The Hub City is being well represented with this and I advise you to go download this now! Follow @iHustle_662

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Street Official Exclusive: Air Slim-"Ain't No Love" (Feat. Killa B, Slim Obama & Coke Bumaye)

Ain't No Love (Click Here)

Air Slim makes it quite clear that the Southside is his side on "Ain't No Love". He also brought Killa B, Slim Obama & Coke Bumaye with him to enforce that as well! This record is edgy and has that sound that is undeniable. With Air Slim's signature drawl, you can't help but get in line with track! Be on the look for more from Slimbo as this is just scratching the surface! Follow @airslimbaby

Street Official Exclusive: Hollywood Luck-"Tap Out" (Feat. Level) (Click Here for Download)

Hollywood Luck has been burning the streets and the radio up with club smashes for the past 3 years ("Pole In My Pants", "Dance In That", "Feeling Myself" etc.) and has yet to disappoint. So if you think "Dance In That" was a splash, then peep the follow-up "Tap Out". This is a record that will soon be in every DJ's set before the the start of the summer! With a hard kick, sexually charged wordplay & a cameo from Baton Rouge spitta Level it's a win win! Don't sleep on this record! Get in tuned as Hollywood Luck proclaims he's really what he raps bout! Follow @Hollywood_Luck

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Slimm Pusha-HVSC

Slimm Pusha has taken us on roller coaster ride for the past 3 years! From his mystical methods & his creative lingo, we all have been intrigued by the self proclaimed "Magician". With 4 projects under his belt, he has unleashed another mixup that is soon to be another gem for us all to marvel! Hennessi Very Special Combaq comes off very vintage with it's soulful and classic sound. Slimm Pusha brings his wordplay to the forefront as he gives an intoxicating delivery that would keep you wanting more! Records like "CharliBrown", "FadedFuQFaces" & "FuQa95" sets the tone for this solid effort. Slimm P has always given us something different on each mixup, so it's quite evident you can see the growth. This is a great start to an already very impressive career. This is just the beginning! We can expect that Slimm will continue to do more magic for us in the near future! Stay Tuned! Follow @slimmPUSHA