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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Power 14:Players To Watch in 2014

New year, new music, new blood and new players to watch!!

So it's quite obvious that the bar is being placed high for something new to emerge! Last year's MVP Hollywood Luck killed the airwaves and set a blaze with shows and so much more! The tail end of 2013 showcased a few other artists and key players that may help shape up an awesome 2014. Now there was a long list of artists, models & power players that came across the table...but this is the list of people who've shaped up The Power 14!

Find out the 14 players you should be watching in 2014 below.

J. Skyy
Hip-Hop Artist

J. Skyy may come off as an enigma and that only helps play into the overall package of what can be a true individual or an incredible artist. Equipped with a melodic flow that also carries a arsenal of wordplay gives Skyy the advantage that most artists lack. With a few projects under his belt and an upcoming project due this year, prepare for the hailstorm that is J. Skyy! You've been warned!! Lookout for J. Skyy

Songs To Hear: "Dreams" 

Chanelle Renee

Chanelle Renee is more than a model. Since creating theChanelleReneeProject in 2010, which provides creative direction & photo editing services, she also directs fashion shoots and makes decisions as the Creative Director and Chief Graphic Designer at the leading fashion and celebrity driven magazine Denim Magazine. With her impressive background, her career & future seems bright. Watch this Mogul in training as she works it from the runway to the cooperate offices!

Merc B. Williams

Merc B. Williams has been hosting shows and concerts for quite some time. With an aggressive style of humor, the Greenville, MS. native has given audiences a clear cut view of reality that is needed in comedy today. Be on the lookout for more Merc B. in the near future!

Rozay Mo
Hip-Hop Artist

Rozay Mo started his career out as 1/2 of the group Smokin' Aces with SFG member C-Lew. Since then, Rozay Mo has released a few solo projects that are noteworthy. With a consistent work ethic and his signature laid back demeanor, Rozay is going to be a key player you don't want to sleep on this year! Be on the lookout for Rozay Mo's upcoming project due this year!

Songs To Hear: "4 Deep"

J. Lee

J. Lee has gained a lot of notoriety and awards for his plays in the years past. It's only a matter of time before his work reaches the big screen. He has excelled in the drama & comedy genre and is working to explore in more areas in the near future. If you haven't experienced a J. Lee play, than you're missing out! Watch closely for more from J. Lee!

Mr. European
Future Mogul

Mr. European (Timothy Orey) started out as a radio personality on Jackson, MS Hot 97. Since then, he has been behind the scenes working on his next major! Mr. European has a unique sense of style that the world will soon see. He is the creator of Clothes Minded clothing and has recently been invited to NYC for The Ultimate Trunk Show in which his brand received great reviews! Lookout for more from Mr. European.

Silas (formerly Trey Parker)
Hip-Hop Artist/Comedian

Silas has created mass hysteria with his sketch comedy on YouTube. Now with a name change and his eyes on introducing his audience to his musical chops, be prepared to be floored by the sounds of Silas with his signature trumpet! How many Hip-Hop Artist you know that can spit and play the trumpet?? I'll wait! Be on the lookout for Silas!

Songs To Hear: "Toast"


Ignacio Zambrano II made it on the list by being a triple threat. Actor, Model, Dancer etc. He recently created theignaciobrand to help create opportunities for himself and others like him! A man who lives his life to expose dreams to reality by using his gifts and talents...why not follow this power player!

DJ T. Lewis

Raw Entertainment's own DJ T. Lewis has been rocking crowds & putting on a show for awhile now! He's formed alliances with HoodRich Head Honcho DJ Scream and has since been creating a buzz with high powered shows and so much more. Check him out on his mixshow on Hot 97 and now on XM Radio!

Dolla Black
Hip-Hop Artist

Dolla Black has been putting in work for quite some time. He has been under the radar for a brief hiatus but now it's time for D. Black with his signature baritone to come crush the scene again. Be on the lookout for more Dolla Black!

Songs To Hear: "Take It Off"

Kerry Thomas
R & B Artist

Louisiana native Kerry Thomas has been crooning ladies with his guitar one stage at a time. He recently released Eye Of The Storm and hasn't skipped a beat since. He has created the I Love R & B series which also features other R & B artists and it seems to grow bigger each run. Keep your eye on Mr. Thomas!

Songs To Hear: "Perfect Melody"

Hip-Hop Artists

Atlanta natives Johnny Venus & Doctor Dot have been setting a trail of fire in 2013. So in 2014 you can rest assure their heat won't be contained. They have been featured on one of Hip-Hop biggest festivals (AC3) last year and they are steadily keeping their momentum! Be on watch for more on EarthGang!

Songs To Hear: "Machete"

Hip-Hop Artist

Louisiana native Pell has a growing buzz and seem like he won't be too far from showing the world what the fuss is! He's currently on tour and has released a series of mixtapes. With his unique style which consist of a mellowed out melodic sound that's combined with his hype energy shows, you can't help but keep your eyes out for this cat! Stay tuned for more from Pell.

Songs To Hear: "Seasons"

Slimm Pusha
Hip-Hop Artist

Lastly, we have none other than Slimm Pusha rounding out this Power 14. Pusha ended last year with a bang on MTV's Rap Fix with Sway showcasing to the world what the state of Mississippi has known for years..we got talent! He's relocated to Atlanta where he's currently working on his upcoming project due this year. I'm personally rooting for this artist to take it to the next level and by the looks of it that won't be too long!! Keep on the lookout for Slimm P!

Songs To Hear: "Ladyfriend"

This concludes this year's players to watch for in 2014. I hope that all of these individuals kill the game!!


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