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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sachmoe Phlanagan-Black Magic

In the digital era where everything is presented to you through social media or an email, sometimes word of mouth can be like a breath of fresh air. This would be one of those cases. Sachmoe Phlanagan (aka Slim Picket) was brought to my attention by a few people and they all had this to say...he has an undeniable voice! After hearing his new project Black Magic, I too found myself becoming an instant fan and hypnotized by his distinctive sound. Sachmoe's story, as he tells it, is no different from the many artists that has encountered the same struggles & triumphs. Although, many of those artists do not make it sound as good nor do they give it the flair that S. Phlanagan does! Black Magic is compelled with groovy melodies & rap tunes over hard knocking beats. Checkout records "Doing My Thang", "Freak In My World" & "Phuk". One of the records that help balance this project is a record entitled "For My Dawgs". I personally feel this record front to back. Not to mention that he has the OG Bun B as well as Memphis native Young Dolph helping contribute to this already colorful masterpiece. Don't be afraid of the magic! Get in tune! Follow @SPhlanagan 

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