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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Year In Review: 2014

Disclaimer: Some of this content may contain some of my personal beliefs and thoughts. So if I offend anyone, I will not apologize for my thoughts but I will simply say I apologize if you don't understand!

2014 will be a year some will always remember. We've seen extreme highs and lows. From the declining of record sales to the massive display of injustice (Mike Brown & Eric Garner). If that isn't enough, we've seen Bill Cosby (one of our biggest figures within the Black Community) legacy crumble right in front of our eyes. So where's the reset button to this? I can't answer that. I've been scratching my head to see what is it that I could relay to the masses, but I draw a blank! So i'll end this by saying we need to stop supporting this bullshit we hear on the radio! Educate and gain knowledge of self. Never forget Emmitt Till, Jena 6, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Aiyana Jones and anyone else who've died from senseless bullshit! We need to stop being cowards and stand up for what we believe! That's all I'm going to say on that matter!

On the flip side....

Let's look at all that's good in 2014!

On the national spectrum, we got to see one of our own (David Banner) spark a light on the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards as well as educate the masses in a interview with Sway! Those cyphers may not have been the best we've seen, but it was good to see Mississippi on 10 and represented well.

On the home front, we got to see some of those Players I predicted (Read The Power 14 Jan. 2014) to make some major moves go on to do great things! Kudos to J. Skyy, Dolla Black, J Lee, Slimm Pusha, Chanelle Renee, Silas, Kerry Thomas, DJ T. Lewis & ATL's own Earthgang (who is currently on Tour with TDE Artist Ab-Soul)! Congrats to you all! 

Another major congrats to Mario Tolliver & Tricky LT 45 for their film Mentee which made it to the Silver Screen! Congrats fellas! Big salute to Mr. Franklin aka Kamikaze for taking what started in the backyard of Jackson and took it on the road with the Generation Nxt Tour! It can only get better!

We've made progress. 2014 showed some extreme highs and lows! On a national scale to our own backyard! I just pray that if I live to see 2015, I will be able to see more extreme highs than lows!

Put God 1st. Believe in oneself. Make History! See y'all in 2015!

Peace & Love,
Rashad Street

This entry is dedicated in the memory of Helena Walker Brown!
Rest In Power!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Voyage To Cadillactica

To give you a better understanding of my appreciation for Cadillactica, I would have to take you back to 2009. As I remember, I went to Bebop Records (which is now closed down) for my normal Tuesday pick-up for some new music. This particular Tuesday, I was disappointed as I couldn't build myself up to purchase anything. So as I always did, I soaked up game from my homie and Bebop employee at the time DJ Phingaprint. As I explained my disgust for the the state of Hip-Hop and my agony for not being able to cop some new music, he introduced me to Big K.R.I.T.. When I heard K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, I immediately became an instant fan. From his soulful production and delivery, I was more intrigued that he was a product of Mississippi. Not soon after, I actually got a chance to meet the Meridian, MS. MC/Producer outside of the nightclub Mardi Gras (now Club Magoo's) as he was doing a Meet & Greet in my City. I like that he was very approachable and we actually spoke on one of my favorite records "Something". After that 1st encounter, I followed his career and I must say that K.R.I.T. has continued to grow as an artist! Which brings me to Cadillactica and why I feel this album should be appreciated. In this industry, there isn't much staying power these days. A lot of these artists come off as a product on an assembly line. So when you actually get a chance to come across an artist that has "IT", it's a breath of fresh air! Some may not understand the impact that K.R.I.T. has on the game and that's fine. It won't be long before everybody see what Mississippi has already witnessed in the pass 5 years or more! We have something to say! Open your ears and come soak up this game! Homegrown and made in the land of Catfish & Cotton! Thank You for reading and go take a visit Cadillactica! Follow @BIGKRIT

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

J. Skyy-Love Is War

J. Skyy made a ripple in the water with Perfect Mistakes and to some degree, he could have charged 15.99 on iTunes for the just that good! Unfortunately the Jackson bred emcee gave us that gem for free! So if you can appreciate receiving something great for pro bono, than let me tell you why you should support Love Is War. Skyy is a gifted artist in his own right. From the melodic cadence, to his wordplay and subject matter it is truly captivating! The bulk of the production for L.I.W. is composed by 2 of Mississippi's most promising in Durdy Costello & DJ Ricky Rich. Records like "No More Losing", "Serving & Switching" & the title track "Love Is War" are just some of this album's highlights. Overall, this is a solid body of work! I think it is safe to say that this is a great start to what is soon to be an incredible journey! So get it tuned to J. Skyy! Can't Be Fake! Follow @skyysohigh

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dolla Black-Let Me Work

Dolla Black has been patiently waiting for this moment. The green light has arrived and he took off at in aggressive pace. When you've been placed on the sideline for so long, there's a piece of you that grows cold. In Dolla's case, he just established his brand and put the pieces to the puzzle together. The result...Let Me Work. This project embodies the work of a man who has put time & effort into each record. It gives insight not only of what Dolla expresses as an artist, but the mind of a true hustler. Records like "Let Me Be Great", "F.A.N." & "On Me" are 3 records that are gems on this project. I'm proud to see the progression of Dolla Black. After so many delays, it's a pleasure to finally watch him work! Follow @DollaBlackBDE 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Review-Core DJs Takes Over Jackson

So Jackson had the pleasure of hosting The Core DJs Conference that took place over the course of 4 days! With all the events & panels, the City of Jackson seem to have taken advantage of the situation. What really stood out the most to me was the unity from the Artists & DJ's from the home team. We really represented ourselves well and I hope that the impact from this event will exceed far beyond this past weekend! Shout out to DJ M.O.B., DJ Jonasty & DJ Finesse for putting on for the City by releasing 3 mixtapes that highlighted some of the City's hottest Artists! To Tony Neal & the Core DJ's family, I hope you all enjoyed your stay in Jackson. As you can see, we our locked & loaded with talent! My message to every Artist, we have the ability to do something special for our State. As we all should know, everyone has to play a role in order for this to work. Once we understand that, we can't lose! We have to support our own! Get out that box and see what's around you! Let's Work!!

         Rashad Street

"It's not where you're from, it's what you do!" -Tony Neal

Tira D-Prelude II

They say that our future lies in the younger generation. Seems scary with all that's has transpired in recent events! But all is not lost (at least for the rap generation). Tirashun Dixon (better known as Tira D) can reassure that Hip-Hop is alive and has the spark to prove it! With her recent release Prelude II, Tira D spits bars that exceeds her youth! Highly influenced by the late Tupac Shakur, the femcee/songbird has a rugged delivery with social awareness that is on point. There's still room for growth for the young spitta, but rest assured it can only get better! Follow @Iam_Tira

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Young Vega$-Double Feature

If you look in the dictionary for resilience, under the definition would probably be a small picture of Young Vega$. This Mississippi bred emcee has overcome some small feats and obstacles. With all that has been placed in his path, he has steadily kept pushing forward and is slowly taking over! To his credit, he's released not one but two projects in the same day! With the assistance of DJ Young Shawn, he's crafted 2 certified bangers. Mississippi River & Jackpot 1.5 has shown a lot of Vega$ growth as an artist as well as man! There's no need for me to handpick records. You'll need to listen to these records front to back to get a true understanding of what the Valley Street Hustler is all about! Take heed to what I say, don't sleep on Vega$ and for damn sure don't be fake! It's real music! You can bet the house on it! Follow @DONO_Vegas

Monday, August 25, 2014

Skipp Coon-Miles Garvey

Mississippi's own & devout Jafrican Skipp Coon has been considered one of the most angriest emcees to control a mic. Although, beyond the anger lies a social & political awareness that is pierced in the music like a shot of aged Tequila. So for the listener, you can either take your shot & stand strong or fall back. Either way the message will still be as clear! Miles Garvey is not your typical Rap/Hip-Hop album! With the abrasive production combined with unapologetic lyrics, this may be too much for the closed minded! Records like "Binary Thinking", "Ruremarm" & "Assata Taught Me (Page 181)" gives you a piece of the man behind the revolution! So with fair warning, if you're looking for a dance record or happy song, I ask that you turn away! Freedom Follow @SkippCoon

Monday, August 11, 2014

Doe Hicks-Fat Nuts

Doe Hicks has been carving a lane for himself for quite sometime. Now some may try to go against the energetic & sometimes explicit MC, but that doesn't & hasn't stop his momentum. Fat Nuts (Hosted By DJ Ricky Rich & Young Shawn) is Donnie Ray Ray's proclamation to any & everybody who has something to say about what he does! With records like "On Me", "One Time" & "Phreshwalk", don't think that you can deny what he's cooking! With music, shows & other projects in the works, don't sleep for one second on Doe Hicks. Electricity never slows down! Get charged up! Follow @DoeHicks

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coke Bumaye-Americaz Nightmare

Coke Bumaye has made it clear that he makes his music for his people and those who're in struggle like him. So if you're looking for a play play sing-a-long record, this is not for you! Americaz Nightmare (Hosted By DJ Bang Bang) is a true sentiment to who Coke is and what he stands for. Records like "You Gotta Luv Me", "Dope 2 (Extended Version)" & "Feel Alive" sets the tone for this record and gives you, the listener, an understanding that all rap music is not glitter & gold! This is truly a project to have in your collection. Don't sleep on Coke or nightmares won't be the only thing you need to worry about! Follow @cokebumaye

7even:Thirty-The Problem

Jackson, Ms. emcee 7even:Thirty comes even harder the second time around with The Problem. Enlisting the legendary Jackson, Ms. Producer Gensu Dean to craft the entire project makes the duo seemingly reminiscent to the good ole days of Gangstarr & Eric B. & Rakim. This project highlights 7 Treoh giving us high octane wordplay combined with classic & upbeat elements provided by Gensu Dean. Records like "$ Stacks & Body Bags", "Better Give 'Em Sumthin'" & "Hook Heavy" are just small pieces to what is deemed to be one of the best albums released this year! 7even:Thirty is one of Jackson's best lyricists and if you didn't know, go download & press play! Follow @7evenThirty

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Silas-Rap Revolt

re·volt  (r-vlt)
v. re·volt·ed, re·volt·ing, re·volts
1. To attempt to overthrow the authority of the state; rebel.
2. To oppose or refuse to accept something: 

Artist/Musician Silas (formerly known as Trey Parker) has created a lane for himself and doesn't mind walking the trail alone. On Rap Revolt, (Hosted By DJ Young Shawn) Silas has stepped outside of the realm of being the funny man as most can attest to from his previous work Wavegrease and has reinvented himself into a force to be reckoned with. Checkout records "SomewhereinJumerica", "All That Matters" & "They Don't Know". This project shows Silas growth as an artist and overall displays self discovery. If this is just the preview before the album, than I for one can't wait to see what'll happen next! Follow @fromsilas

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pell-Floating While Dreaming

Pell has a very unique approach to his music. On Floating While Dreaming, the New Orleans representative gives us more than just lyrics as he demands most of his records with a melodic undertone over quality production. Records like "Now You Know", "Little Things" & "Eleven:11" propels this project to a new plateau! If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, then cop this project! Follow @pellyeah

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sir Flywalker-Purple

Ridgeland, MS Producer Sir Flywalker has crafted a nice collection of smooth jazz & 808's to give us Purple. A soundtrack that has plenty of industry quality material. Purple's sound is reminiscent to Wiz Khalifa's earlier work as it has an easy going vibe. Tracks like "Top Floor", "Relaxation" & "Purple" are just a few of this project's highlights. It doesn't matter if you're riding on the highway or just riding high, this record is certified to keep you in the groove! Get you Frequent Flyer Miles up with Sir Flywalker! Follow @flywalkerBEATZ

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tha Joker-Meanwhile

Tha Joker hasn't missed a step. Regardless of his situations, he has the ability to stay sharp! From doing a little stint in jail to dealing with certain personal debacles, he's still able to keep himself game time ready! This is evident on Meanwhile (Hosted By Cory B, DJ Lil Keem & DJ T Lewis) as you see Too Cold unleashing solid bars over hard 808's. While we wait on Robert Frost, take a gander a Meanwhile! Thank me later! Follow @iAmTooCold


They say big things come in small packages. This is something the young spitta Kolley can attest to. Hailing from Bassfield, MS, Kolley has emerged from small-city livings and carved an interesting story with Real N*gga Sh*t. On his debut mixtape, he has his own voice and a sound that is bound to captivate new listeners. Checkout records "Poetry In Motion", "No Turning Back" & "Real Love" which features fellow Mississippian Big K.R.I.T.. This is a good start for the newcomer who is surely on the up rise! Get in tune to Kolley! Follow @KolleyBBE

Sunday, May 11, 2014

DJ Maybach & Hollywood Luck-The JUnited Greats

Hollywood Luck has been steadily showing signs of true greatness in every move he's made as of late. So when he set out to compile a collection of music with some of the hottest as well as up & coming artists in the city, he had to do it his way! The JUnited Greats (Hosted By DJ Maybach) consists of some of the hottest records from some of the Capital's most promising MC's. Coke Bumaye, Lil Mal, Air Slim & Doe Hicks are just a name of few who have made their mark on this project! If you want to see what the City of Jackson & the State of Mississippi has to offer, go peep this project! The only sad part of this Mixtape is that this is only a piece of what Mississippi has to offer! We are here and we can't be denied!! Salute! Follow @Hollywood_Luck

Mack Life-The Awakening

North Jackson MC Mack Life is here to give the rap game a face lift. Not only does he has one of the coolest deliveries in the game, but he is equipped with knowledge! The Awakening (Hosted By DJ M.O.B.) gives us a quick display of Mack showcasing his skills over some industry heat as well as original material. From the intro, Mack sets the tone and finishes strong with well placed beats and solid wordplay. Don't sleep on this project, let Mack wake you up to some game! Follow @TheRealMackLife

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chuck Tee-Where's My Lighter?

Mississippi's own Chuck Tee is a Skateboarder who can spit a few bars (and does it quite well actually). Where's My Lighter? (Hosted By ATL's DJ Genius) reveals the self-proclaimed "Black Zeus" as an insomniac who's often driven by exploits of sex, drugs & having a high disregard for law enforcement. Songs like "30", "GTA V" & "Nothing On Me" are just a few highlights on this project which would've made an excellent 2 Part series. Chuck Tee draws close comparisons to Curren$y or Wiz Khalifa as he delivers over stellar production. Overall, this is the perfect set for the Stoned & Skaters alike. So get plugged in and help Chuck find his lighter!! Follow @Chuck_Tee

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rozay Mo-Kush Kingdom

Rozay Mo is back at it and never late with his 2nd ode to 4/20 with Kush Kingdom. If Devin the Dude had a nephew, he would surely be Rozay as he keeps it mellow, calm & collective over classic smooth melodies! Records like "Burden", "Don Deal" & "I Don't" help elevate this record to the level it needs to be! If you are a frequent flyer, than you need this soundtrack to help you navigate! Follow @RozayMo

Dolla Black-Always Bet on Black!

BDE's Dolla Black of Dem Boyz notoriety has stepped out own his own and unleashed his Maxi-Single simply entitled Dolla Black. This project gives a small offering of the man with the signature baritone until he releases Dolla & A Dream. Take a minute out of your day and go download this right now!! Thank me later! Follow @DollaBlackBDE

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata-The Wolf and the Lion

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata often referred to as Kids of the Night of the Jackals collective have carefully crafted a solid piece of work in The Wolf and the Lion. This project display the twin wordsmiths masterfully conveying a witty vernacular over some heavy production. Checkout records such as "Jesus Christ", "Welcome to the Serengeti" & "Lactrodetus". Overall, this is a record that needs to be heard! Don't sleep on this, get in tuned! Follow @AhmadRashad & @SaddiSundiata

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Street Official Exclusive: LIV-"One More Hit"

LIV-"One More Hit" (Click Here)

Los Angeles native LIV aka OG (Olivia Walker) may be known to many as 1/3 of the Soulful Girl Band Calico Panache who killed it at BET's 106 & Park's W.O.W. a few years ago. What you may not know is that LIV has hooked up with Jackson's own Strongarm to give you a solid banger in "One More Hit". This record comes off very melodic & soulful as OG gives you a very bittersweet story that sounds so beautiful that you just wanna drift away in the music. If this is what is to be expected from Cali songbird, then we are in for a beautiful ride! Follow @MusicO_Onerd

JSuper-This Is It

Jackson, Ms Artist/Producer JSuper has put it all on the line with This Is It. I can't help but draw comparisons to Boo Rossini in which JSuper's delivery is quite similar. With some stellar production that varies across this project, you can't deny JSuper's smooth cadence combine with heavy beats & scene stealing features. Checkout records "Operator", "Trust" & "Decisions". Weather you're riding through the city or just want vibe out, pop this in and press play! That's It! Follow @JSuper601

DJ Hustle On-Fly High Alumni

Mob Style DJ & Hattiesburg's own Hustle On has teamed up with UGR's Howard Boy to present Fly High Alumni. This project is filled with some of Mississippi's hottest artists as well as a few Major Players. Don't sleep on this mixtape! The Hub City is being well represented with this and I advise you to go download this now! Follow @iHustle_662

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Street Official Exclusive: Air Slim-"Ain't No Love" (Feat. Killa B, Slim Obama & Coke Bumaye)

Ain't No Love (Click Here)

Air Slim makes it quite clear that the Southside is his side on "Ain't No Love". He also brought Killa B, Slim Obama & Coke Bumaye with him to enforce that as well! This record is edgy and has that sound that is undeniable. With Air Slim's signature drawl, you can't help but get in line with track! Be on the look for more from Slimbo as this is just scratching the surface! Follow @airslimbaby

Street Official Exclusive: Hollywood Luck-"Tap Out" (Feat. Level) (Click Here for Download)

Hollywood Luck has been burning the streets and the radio up with club smashes for the past 3 years ("Pole In My Pants", "Dance In That", "Feeling Myself" etc.) and has yet to disappoint. So if you think "Dance In That" was a splash, then peep the follow-up "Tap Out". This is a record that will soon be in every DJ's set before the the start of the summer! With a hard kick, sexually charged wordplay & a cameo from Baton Rouge spitta Level it's a win win! Don't sleep on this record! Get in tuned as Hollywood Luck proclaims he's really what he raps bout! Follow @Hollywood_Luck

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Slimm Pusha-HVSC

Slimm Pusha has taken us on roller coaster ride for the past 3 years! From his mystical methods & his creative lingo, we all have been intrigued by the self proclaimed "Magician". With 4 projects under his belt, he has unleashed another mixup that is soon to be another gem for us all to marvel! Hennessi Very Special Combaq comes off very vintage with it's soulful and classic sound. Slimm Pusha brings his wordplay to the forefront as he gives an intoxicating delivery that would keep you wanting more! Records like "CharliBrown", "FadedFuQFaces" & "FuQa95" sets the tone for this solid effort. Slimm P has always given us something different on each mixup, so it's quite evident you can see the growth. This is a great start to an already very impressive career. This is just the beginning! We can expect that Slimm will continue to do more magic for us in the near future! Stay Tuned! Follow @slimmPUSHA 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rozay Mo-Valentines Day Massacre

Rozay Mo has vigorously given quality music with each & every release. This time is no different. Last year Rozay gave us From My Heart To Yours which displayed the softer side of relationships. So of course it's only right that you hear the other side that is sometimes left unmentioned. With no delay, Rozay delivers on time with Valentines Day Massacre which would be the follow up to this Valentine themed series. Rozay conveys dark tales of promiscuity, heartbreak & insecurity with such conviction. Records like "Too Far", "I Told You So" & "Used To Know" gives a compelling take on the subject matter at hand. Ladies, don't think that there's nothing for you. Rozay provides a few lullabies to help keep this joint in groove. Overall, this project is solid through & through. Don't cheat yourself...get in tune to Rozay Mo! Follow @RozayMo

DJ Bang Bang-Regan Era

The Voice of the Streets aka DJ Bang Bang is back with his latest effort Regan Era. As always Bang mixes street anthems from some of the industry's hottest with a taste of some homegrown flava. Checkout new music from Coke Bumaye, Air Slim & Killa B just a name of few.Get it tune with DJ Bang Bang and go cop this now! Follow @DJBANGBANG

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome To Spillage Village

It's not often you stumble upon a group or collective that has such an impressive roster. Some would say in most cases that there's always a weak link...well let me introduce you to Spillage Village. This Atlanta/LA based collective consist of rhyme slayers & producers whose roster is thoroughly eclectic! I could easily speak about all of these projects in depth with such enthusiasm! But I would like for you, the reader, to get the same feeling I felt when I ran across EARTHGANG, J.I.D, Jordxn Bryant & Hollywood JB. I promise you would not be disappointed! Come get to know Spill'll be glad you did! Follow @SpillageVillage @Earthgang @SlickSixJID @JordxnBryant @Hollywood_JB

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Street Official Exclusive: Kerry Thomas-"Tonight" (Feat. Tricky LT)

Download "Tonight" (Click Here)

This is the 1st exclusive of the year so you know it's gotta be dope! R&B Crooner Kerry Thomas has gotten past the Eye of the Storm and is now ready to present his new single entitled "Tonight". This is a pretty nice groove that has all the components to get you to that level! It also has a feature from wordsmith Tricky LT to help give it an edge that is well placed!! Kudos to KT on his 1st effort for the new year! As some of you may know he was one of the Power 14 that was mentioned earlier this year. So if you haven't got a chance to see what the fuss was about, then click & press play! Follow @realkerrythomas


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The 90's are Back!!!

DJ Jonasty's 90's Mix Part Deux (Click Here)

If you missed the last 90's party that DJ Young Venom & DJ Jonasty rocked...don't worry!!! Because they're back!!! This time it would be bigger and straight up live than the last throwdown in Fondren!! So if you're in the City Of Jackson this Friday, put on your flyest 90's gear and come rock with us!!! 







Young Vegas-JACKPOT Reloaded

Some people fall to the waist side in the face of adversity while others rise to the occasion. We all have heard underdog stories and often they have made us find something to aspire to within ourselves. After hearing this collection of work by Young Vegas, I see that I can never judge a book by it's cover and I should never stop believing in the music. JACKPOT Reloaded is the 2nd effort from Vegas and it is a constant reminder of what the struggle embodies and how often we can't let our surroundings determine our outcome. Vegas delivers superb content with a nice selection of production. Checkout records "Blood, Sweat N Tears", "Close Your Eyes" & "Have Mercy". One record I found interesting is a record entitled "Talk To Lil Boosie" which may reflect heavily on this generation. One thing is for certain, if you are determined and you know what you want to be in life, can't nobody stop you but you! Vegas has found his poker face and now he's ready to collect....JACKPOT! Follow @DONO_Vegas

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sachmoe Phlanagan-Black Magic

In the digital era where everything is presented to you through social media or an email, sometimes word of mouth can be like a breath of fresh air. This would be one of those cases. Sachmoe Phlanagan (aka Slim Picket) was brought to my attention by a few people and they all had this to say...he has an undeniable voice! After hearing his new project Black Magic, I too found myself becoming an instant fan and hypnotized by his distinctive sound. Sachmoe's story, as he tells it, is no different from the many artists that has encountered the same struggles & triumphs. Although, many of those artists do not make it sound as good nor do they give it the flair that S. Phlanagan does! Black Magic is compelled with groovy melodies & rap tunes over hard knocking beats. Checkout records "Doing My Thang", "Freak In My World" & "Phuk". One of the records that help balance this project is a record entitled "For My Dawgs". I personally feel this record front to back. Not to mention that he has the OG Bun B as well as Memphis native Young Dolph helping contribute to this already colorful masterpiece. Don't be afraid of the magic! Get in tune! Follow @SPhlanagan 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Coke Bumaye-Shadow Boxing In The Dark

This year is starting off the way last year ended...with a bang! Last month I was able to attend the listening party for the homie Coke Bumaye's Shadow Boxing In The Dark. It was a breath of fresh air being able to see one my city's hidden treasures back at it and sounding better than ever. As you're listening to this record, you can hear a man who has struggled with life's many obstacles and is still standing strong. "Unholy Grail" displays Coke giving a serious dose of venom over an interpolation of Jay-Z's "Holy Grail". This project has some strong points as seen on records "Oyster Perpetual" & "Dope Interlude". The highlight of this record beyond this all is hearing the announcement of the long awaited LP Old School Shoes & Tattoos which is scheduled to be released August 14! So if you enjoyed this record, you are sure to enjoy what's in store! Stay tuned! Follow @cokebumaye

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Power 14:Players To Watch in 2014

New year, new music, new blood and new players to watch!!

So it's quite obvious that the bar is being placed high for something new to emerge! Last year's MVP Hollywood Luck killed the airwaves and set a blaze with shows and so much more! The tail end of 2013 showcased a few other artists and key players that may help shape up an awesome 2014. Now there was a long list of artists, models & power players that came across the table...but this is the list of people who've shaped up The Power 14!

Find out the 14 players you should be watching in 2014 below.

J. Skyy
Hip-Hop Artist

J. Skyy may come off as an enigma and that only helps play into the overall package of what can be a true individual or an incredible artist. Equipped with a melodic flow that also carries a arsenal of wordplay gives Skyy the advantage that most artists lack. With a few projects under his belt and an upcoming project due this year, prepare for the hailstorm that is J. Skyy! You've been warned!! Lookout for J. Skyy

Songs To Hear: "Dreams" 

Chanelle Renee

Chanelle Renee is more than a model. Since creating theChanelleReneeProject in 2010, which provides creative direction & photo editing services, she also directs fashion shoots and makes decisions as the Creative Director and Chief Graphic Designer at the leading fashion and celebrity driven magazine Denim Magazine. With her impressive background, her career & future seems bright. Watch this Mogul in training as she works it from the runway to the cooperate offices!

Merc B. Williams

Merc B. Williams has been hosting shows and concerts for quite some time. With an aggressive style of humor, the Greenville, MS. native has given audiences a clear cut view of reality that is needed in comedy today. Be on the lookout for more Merc B. in the near future!

Rozay Mo
Hip-Hop Artist

Rozay Mo started his career out as 1/2 of the group Smokin' Aces with SFG member C-Lew. Since then, Rozay Mo has released a few solo projects that are noteworthy. With a consistent work ethic and his signature laid back demeanor, Rozay is going to be a key player you don't want to sleep on this year! Be on the lookout for Rozay Mo's upcoming project due this year!

Songs To Hear: "4 Deep"

J. Lee

J. Lee has gained a lot of notoriety and awards for his plays in the years past. It's only a matter of time before his work reaches the big screen. He has excelled in the drama & comedy genre and is working to explore in more areas in the near future. If you haven't experienced a J. Lee play, than you're missing out! Watch closely for more from J. Lee!

Mr. European
Future Mogul

Mr. European (Timothy Orey) started out as a radio personality on Jackson, MS Hot 97. Since then, he has been behind the scenes working on his next major! Mr. European has a unique sense of style that the world will soon see. He is the creator of Clothes Minded clothing and has recently been invited to NYC for The Ultimate Trunk Show in which his brand received great reviews! Lookout for more from Mr. European.

Silas (formerly Trey Parker)
Hip-Hop Artist/Comedian

Silas has created mass hysteria with his sketch comedy on YouTube. Now with a name change and his eyes on introducing his audience to his musical chops, be prepared to be floored by the sounds of Silas with his signature trumpet! How many Hip-Hop Artist you know that can spit and play the trumpet?? I'll wait! Be on the lookout for Silas!

Songs To Hear: "Toast"


Ignacio Zambrano II made it on the list by being a triple threat. Actor, Model, Dancer etc. He recently created theignaciobrand to help create opportunities for himself and others like him! A man who lives his life to expose dreams to reality by using his gifts and talents...why not follow this power player!

DJ T. Lewis

Raw Entertainment's own DJ T. Lewis has been rocking crowds & putting on a show for awhile now! He's formed alliances with HoodRich Head Honcho DJ Scream and has since been creating a buzz with high powered shows and so much more. Check him out on his mixshow on Hot 97 and now on XM Radio!

Dolla Black
Hip-Hop Artist

Dolla Black has been putting in work for quite some time. He has been under the radar for a brief hiatus but now it's time for D. Black with his signature baritone to come crush the scene again. Be on the lookout for more Dolla Black!

Songs To Hear: "Take It Off"

Kerry Thomas
R & B Artist

Louisiana native Kerry Thomas has been crooning ladies with his guitar one stage at a time. He recently released Eye Of The Storm and hasn't skipped a beat since. He has created the I Love R & B series which also features other R & B artists and it seems to grow bigger each run. Keep your eye on Mr. Thomas!

Songs To Hear: "Perfect Melody"

Hip-Hop Artists

Atlanta natives Johnny Venus & Doctor Dot have been setting a trail of fire in 2013. So in 2014 you can rest assure their heat won't be contained. They have been featured on one of Hip-Hop biggest festivals (AC3) last year and they are steadily keeping their momentum! Be on watch for more on EarthGang!

Songs To Hear: "Machete"

Hip-Hop Artist

Louisiana native Pell has a growing buzz and seem like he won't be too far from showing the world what the fuss is! He's currently on tour and has released a series of mixtapes. With his unique style which consist of a mellowed out melodic sound that's combined with his hype energy shows, you can't help but keep your eyes out for this cat! Stay tuned for more from Pell.

Songs To Hear: "Seasons"

Slimm Pusha
Hip-Hop Artist

Lastly, we have none other than Slimm Pusha rounding out this Power 14. Pusha ended last year with a bang on MTV's Rap Fix with Sway showcasing to the world what the state of Mississippi has known for years..we got talent! He's relocated to Atlanta where he's currently working on his upcoming project due this year. I'm personally rooting for this artist to take it to the next level and by the looks of it that won't be too long!! Keep on the lookout for Slimm P!

Songs To Hear: "Ladyfriend"

This concludes this year's players to watch for in 2014. I hope that all of these individuals kill the game!!