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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lil Mal-Live From Shady Oaks IV

Jackson's own Lil Mal has come a long way. From hosting High School parties throughout the city, to now becoming one of new faces in the Mississippi Rap Music Scene. Everyone has a story and most from Lil Mal's stomping ground don't really get the chance to tell it! Which leads us to Live From Shady Oaks IV, the new installment from Mal's LFSO series. It's comprised with heavy production from Lil' Lody, SK Banga, Hershey Blakk & a host of others. Lil Mal expresses his inner thoughts & more personal struggles which makes this his most compelling effort as of late. Checkout records "Premonition", "Irrelevant", & "Still Gettin". Lil Mal has progressed not only as artist, but as a man. Most get lost trying to find themselves, but Mal has found a way to rise above his obstacles! Listen to his story!! Follow @lil_mal

Friday, August 9, 2013

MercMusic-Transfer Students

Beatsmith Strongarm has assembled a group of lyrical assassins and created a team with a name that speaks for itself!! So what happens when put a group of MC's & a producer with no boundaries in one room? You get Transfer Students, the latest effort from the MercMusic collective. Strongarm leads behind the boards while JA, T3, Young Vegas, Renee Lee & the rest of MercMusic go on a "no-holds barred" attack on each track! Checkout records "Haters Jockin", "Kings Coming" & "Schoolin' You". This project is not to be slept on & must be played at high volume! School is in session so take a lesson from MercMusic! You won't be disappointed! Follow @teammercmusic

Dolla Black-Release EP

Dolla Black has made noise as 1/2 of Dem Boyz ("Fist Pump", "601 Ways" etc.) and has no plans to stop with his signature baritone pumping hard through the speakers!! So with his solo effort Release EP, you can expect that there will be no dull moments and you speakers will be on pump at all times!! With production duties split between Alumni Beatz & Traxx on Deck, this project is a monster in itself!! Checkout "iHustle" & "Work" & A.V.E. produced single "Strip IV Me". This 5 song collection is a perfect piece to add to your playlist for those who live life with no regrets!! No need to hold it in...release yourself in the music!!! Follow @DollaBlackBDE