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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Introducing EarthGang

Atlanta's Hip-Hop Scene has been an emerging euphoria. From Trap to Twerking, you can't deny what is relevant. In for that past few years, Atlanta has influenced us a great deal. Within that time, you'll find that there's more that lurks beneath the surface. In most cases, you'll overlook if you don't open your eyes. Introducing Johnny Venus & Doctur Dot, the Atlanta tandem also know as EarthGang. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys Live this past 4/20 in Atlanta while on Tour with the homie Big Sant. Energetic and sometimes often spontaneous, this guys sound are reminiscent to a group most may know as Outkast. That night, I became a fan. Which brings me to talk about their recent project SGFT (Shallow Grave For Toys). Hip-Hop heads can appreciate this project as it has all the components to keep you intrigued. Their eccentric sound combined with insightful and clever wordplay perpetuates the embodiment of Hip-Hop. Checkout records "Momma's Callin", "Bitchxs Tumblr" & "Machete". Above all, this project as a whole is a breath of fresh air. I dare you to be different...get outside the box and go check this cats out!! Follow @EarthGang 

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