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Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014

Some would say that 2013 has displayed some of the worst events in history. In fact, we have witnessed a government shutdown, the death of Nelson Mandela & more senseless violence that spawns around our country more than ever. Yet somewhere, we have had a few rare moments where music has given us a little piece of happiness. As for my hometown & state, I'm happy to say that I'm glad I was here to see the homie Slimm Pusha steal the show on MTV twice! Sway may have the answer with that one! I, myself, had the pleasure of partaking a tour and even getting a chance to do some major film work. Overall, Mississippi has grown into providing a melting pot of artists, entrepreneurs & future leaders! With time, this state can be a major factor and a commodity within itself! There's no doubt that this state can run on a major platform. We're seeing it through the works of Big K.R.I.T., David Banner & Mo Williams (just a name of few). What I'm trying to say is that there's enough room for us all. Some may never see it because we're too busy watching others and not focus on what's in front of us! Of course some people are really in the way and they need to stand down (seriously)!! As for the rest, we have to seize the moment. Killing time murders opportunities . So in closing, I'll say this....let rest the bullsh*t and make space for change! I pray that 2014 creates more signs of greatness for us all! Happy New Year!! Goodbye 2013!!!

Peace & Love,
                 Rashad Street

P.S. I want to thank all of the artists & producers that provided the work and was able to let me express my views and thoughts on your work. Special shoutout to everyone who has supported me from day one! Thank You! We can all be great! I want this blog to be an example of what selfless acts can be and how we all can be apart of something! I do this for the love and nothing else! Let's make history!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tricky 45-1 Hot Summer

Jackson's own Tricky 45 has undoubtedly set himself apart as being one of the premium lyrical giants in the game. With that being said, there's always a price to pay or obstacles to cross. In this case, it didn't stop 45 Music's head honcho from doing what he does best...spit that heat! Tricky has put in the groundwork from helping start a movement with radio smashes ("Excellent Taste" & "601 Ways") to killing the stage. So what do you do to silence all the critical down talk and put those negative people in their place? You give them 1 Hot Summer. This project starts off with Tricky giving his proclamation of why he is who he is and what he stands for. So to say it plain, he's far from a rapper and you will respect it as such! Checkout records "Dead Serious", "Black Power" & "Roach". The X Factor to this project is the record "Boot" that displays Tricky vocal skills. In conclusion, this is a nice body of work for an artist who has only crack the surface. If you don't believe me, check his credentials! Follow @TrickyLT

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Doe Hicks & Durdy Costello-Entergy Twins

What do you get when put the energetic and hyper antics of rapper Doe Hicks with beatmaker Durdy Costello providing the street rumbling soundtrack?? You get the 13 track opus entitled Entergy Twins. This project showcases Doe & Durdy work history which consists of a few unreleased tracks as well as some previous material. Doe revisits one of his flagship records on the intro "Got Me Poppin". He gets some assistance by Hollywood Luck on "You Can't Get It" which provides a nice mellow sound which is the perfect balance for this amped up project. Durdy Costello brings out the best in Doe on "Better Be" & "Been There". Overall, ET is the essential sound for the young, wild & free at heart! Electric!! Follow @DoeHicks & @durdycostello 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hollywood Luck-Salute The Swag 2

What more can I say about Hollywood Luck that I haven't said already??? Well if I can think a something it would be this....the man is working!! 2 projects in one month and let's not forget the music is still consistent! So it does me great pleasure to speak on Salute The Swag 2. On the second effort of the Salute series, Luck gives a more edgier feel than his previous projects. He also enlists a team of different producers that helps display more of Luck's artistry. Checkout records "Stand Alone", "Feeling Myself", & "Nigg*z Better They B*tches" (Remix). This year has come up big for Hollywood Luck. If this momentum keeps up, it will be only be a matter of time before the world see what I've been speaking on for 3 years & counting! Salute! Follow @Hollywood_Luck

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hollywood Luck-Back 2 School

Hollywood Luck has been setting a trail of fire as of late. With a few singles steadily running the airways and major demand for shows, Luck has no room to slack up! Although with everything looking up for the rapper/producer, it never hurts to go back & reflect on what help propelled you to get on the fast track! Back 2 School is a conceptual project that displays Luck going back to the basics! With records like "Wake Up Call/Rep'n", "Substitute Teacher" & "After Prom" Luck gives you his essential formula that has work for him so long! This is a coined piece to have in your collection! So get schooled on something!! Follow @Hollywood_Luck

J-Biggz-Black T & Levi's

Black T & Levi's (Free Download Click Here)

Jackson native J-Biggz & DJ Boss Chic have joined forces to give you a compilation of massive proportions!! Black T & Levi's showcases J-Biggz alongside his Optimo Palace Family as well as few others! Records like "All We Do Is Party", "Waitin' 2 Blow (Remix)" & "Jim Duggan" help give this project some infectious party anthems. Overall, this project serves as a testament that some artists can come together for one common purpose! Be on the lookout for more from J-Biggz! Follow @IAMJBIGGZ

Monday, November 4, 2013

Killa B-Da Old Killa Back: The Trap Tape

Killa B has been staying consistent with solid wordplay & hard hitting production. So it's to no surprise when he released The Trap Tape that he would shy away from what he knows so well. Consider this a memoir of a man's plight to adapt & survive the harsh realities of being in the struggle. Not only does Killa paint a vivid picture of street life, but aslo reveals the shortcomings & pitfalls of being in the 'Trap'. Checkout records " P**** N****", "I Trap Better" & "Been Through". This is a project filled with street bangers and will be a certified piece to add to your collection. Everyone has a story, so don't judge....just listen!!! Follow @killab601

Kurt Hu$$ell-Black Heart

Vicksburg MC & skateboard enthusiast Kurt Hu$$ell (formally known as Low Lyfe Lantz) has taken the liberty of going back to early 90's to create a crafty conceptual LP with Black Heart. This project is reminiscent to some old Three 6 Mafia which has a major 'Memphis Buck' influence with dark wordplay to give this project an eerie feel. Checkout records "Peep Game", "Crank Up" & "Break Dem Hoes". Overall, this is a nice effort and is very nostalgic to an era that is greatly missed! Do the homie a solid and go cop this!! Follow @ThatBoyHuSSeLL

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big Sant-The Great American Mattress Sale

I had the pleasure of rocking out with Multi Alumni's own Big Sant earlier this year for his MF X OG Tour. We were in St. Louis when he mentioned he was currently working on a project entitled  The Great American Mattress Sale. I'd ask him what was the story behind the title and he'd simply replied "because I've been slept for so long I figured I'd wake they p*ssy ass up!". Mission accomplished. Sant has assembled great wordplay (the skits are hilarious by the way), solid features and production which is presented by DJ Breakem Off & Dub Floyd. Checkout records "Grow Up" (Prod. By Kreatev), "Bucket Seats" & "Fire Water II" which features Mississippi Heavyweights Tito Lopez & Big K.R.I.T.. Overall this is one project not to be slept on! The Summer is not over so cop this heat! Follow @BigSant

Thursday, September 26, 2013

J. Skyy-Meanwhile

J. Skyy may be a newcomer to some...but believe that this Jackson fire starter has been putting in groundwork for quite some time. Following up from his previous release Perfect Mistakes (, he's back on the scene with Meanwhile. A 8 track teaser that's sure to keep you satisfied until his forthcoming release Love Is War. Checkout records "Fall of a King", "Bass" & "Dreams". I can go on about Skyy's music, but I'll be spoiling you of the enjoyment of finding out why he's one of the City's best kept secret! Follow @SkyySoHigh

Street Official Exclusive: Big Sant "Grow Up"

Multi-Alumi & Mississippi's own Big Sant is back in the lab!! Recently, Sant has been on two tours this year and is currently gearing up to release The Great American Mattress Sale due Oct. 22! Until then, checkout this record "Grow Up" produced by Kreatev which is pretty solid by the way. Be on the lookout for more on Big Sant!! Don't Sleep! Follow @BIGSANT

Saturday, September 14, 2013

JJ Spade-Tax Season

Jackson wordsmith & BLK Sunday representative JJ Spade has been known for crushing cyphers and rap battles all over the City of Jackson. Now fully equipped and ready to step from outside the circle, JJ Spade presents Tax Season. Loaded with hard knocking beats and fire-rapid lyrics, you can't deny Spade as he demands your attention. Checkout records "Wrong Day", "High Street" & "Turn Me Up". This is a solid effort and needs to be heard. Everybody loves Tax Season so don't fall short and get left behind!! Get plugged into JJ Spade! Follow @JJSpade

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lil Mal-Live From Shady Oaks IV

Jackson's own Lil Mal has come a long way. From hosting High School parties throughout the city, to now becoming one of new faces in the Mississippi Rap Music Scene. Everyone has a story and most from Lil Mal's stomping ground don't really get the chance to tell it! Which leads us to Live From Shady Oaks IV, the new installment from Mal's LFSO series. It's comprised with heavy production from Lil' Lody, SK Banga, Hershey Blakk & a host of others. Lil Mal expresses his inner thoughts & more personal struggles which makes this his most compelling effort as of late. Checkout records "Premonition", "Irrelevant", & "Still Gettin". Lil Mal has progressed not only as artist, but as a man. Most get lost trying to find themselves, but Mal has found a way to rise above his obstacles! Listen to his story!! Follow @lil_mal

Friday, August 9, 2013

MercMusic-Transfer Students

Beatsmith Strongarm has assembled a group of lyrical assassins and created a team with a name that speaks for itself!! So what happens when put a group of MC's & a producer with no boundaries in one room? You get Transfer Students, the latest effort from the MercMusic collective. Strongarm leads behind the boards while JA, T3, Young Vegas, Renee Lee & the rest of MercMusic go on a "no-holds barred" attack on each track! Checkout records "Haters Jockin", "Kings Coming" & "Schoolin' You". This project is not to be slept on & must be played at high volume! School is in session so take a lesson from MercMusic! You won't be disappointed! Follow @teammercmusic

Dolla Black-Release EP

Dolla Black has made noise as 1/2 of Dem Boyz ("Fist Pump", "601 Ways" etc.) and has no plans to stop with his signature baritone pumping hard through the speakers!! So with his solo effort Release EP, you can expect that there will be no dull moments and you speakers will be on pump at all times!! With production duties split between Alumni Beatz & Traxx on Deck, this project is a monster in itself!! Checkout "iHustle" & "Work" & A.V.E. produced single "Strip IV Me". This 5 song collection is a perfect piece to add to your playlist for those who live life with no regrets!! No need to hold it in...release yourself in the music!!! Follow @DollaBlackBDE

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Street Official Exclusive: Kerry Thomas (Feat. Boog) "Lucky"

R & B Crooner Kerry Thomas has been known to keep the ladies satisfied with soft ballads and smooth melodies from his signature guitar. This time around, he's put down the guitar and flip the tempo to give you a summer banger! This record is a definite radio smash and can keep you moving on the dance floor!! So check it out!! Follow @RealKerryThomas 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pell-Feel Good Summer

As told by

Mississippi resident, by way of New Orleans, Pell is excited to release his first EP, Feel Good Summer, to the masses. The title is an ode to his affiliation with Mississippi collective TFG - That Feel Good - and uncanny ability to create tracks that spark a positive atmosphere for the listener's summer months. Featuring split production from Mississippi producers Staccs and Martin Prophet, the EP aims to breakthrough the saturation and sense of contentment in the hip-hop world by experimenting with new sounds intertwined with lyrical vulnerability. Follow @PellYeah

Street Official Exclusive: Hollywood JB "Game 7"

As told by Rep from Spillage Village Records:

Moonlighting as one of Spillage Village's producer prodigies (see EARTHGANG's "The F Bomb" / "Bitchxs Tumbl"), Hollywood JB releases his debut, self-produced single from the SVR label. The Spillage Village member announces his arrival over a jazz, voodoo, lamentation for "Game7." Hollywood JB brings strong contrasts and fundamental similarities to fellow label mates EARTHGANG.

Spillage Village Records
Atlanta, GA

Follow @SpillageVillage

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Introducing EarthGang

Atlanta's Hip-Hop Scene has been an emerging euphoria. From Trap to Twerking, you can't deny what is relevant. In for that past few years, Atlanta has influenced us a great deal. Within that time, you'll find that there's more that lurks beneath the surface. In most cases, you'll overlook if you don't open your eyes. Introducing Johnny Venus & Doctur Dot, the Atlanta tandem also know as EarthGang. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys Live this past 4/20 in Atlanta while on Tour with the homie Big Sant. Energetic and sometimes often spontaneous, this guys sound are reminiscent to a group most may know as Outkast. That night, I became a fan. Which brings me to talk about their recent project SGFT (Shallow Grave For Toys). Hip-Hop heads can appreciate this project as it has all the components to keep you intrigued. Their eccentric sound combined with insightful and clever wordplay perpetuates the embodiment of Hip-Hop. Checkout records "Momma's Callin", "Bitchxs Tumblr" & "Machete". Above all, this project as a whole is a breath of fresh air. I dare you to be different...get outside the box and go check this cats out!! Follow @EarthGang 

Monday, July 8, 2013

DJ Ricky Rich-The Heartbreak Kid

DJ Ricky Rich takes on the matters of the heart and the repercussions that follows in The Heartbreak Kid. Coming off as a Movie Director guiding you through a musical journey with a soundtrack from some of Hip-Hop's up and coming providing the playlist. This playlist is solid and is recommended regardless if you've been hurt or not!! So do yourself a favor and go download now!!! Follow @DJRickyRich

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DJ T. Lewis-24 Hours

Raw Entertainment's own DJ T. Lewis has been known to rock out parties and shows all over!! So it's obvious that when it comes to the mixtape game, the level is raise just as high! 24 Hours is your one way ticket to hear some of the hottest artists in the game local or national!! If you need your party started but can't afford to get T. Lewis personally....then just go download and dig this here!!! Follow @iAmTLewis

Tha Joker & K Camp-Show Money

Mississippi's own Joker Too Cold & Atlanta's gamespitta K. Camp team up to give you what may come off like a movie about late nights and fast cash simply entitled Show Money. Powered by Producer Big Fruit, DJ Scream & Trap-A-Holics, this project is direct hit on what's already becoming a hot Summer!! Checkout records "Get Lost",  "Light Up Too" (Match One) & "GOOD". This guaranteed to be on repeat!!! Catch Joker this summer coming to a city near you!!! Follow @iAmTooCold & @KCamp427

Killa B & DJ Rico Banks-Give Em' The Rico

Killa B & Supakidz DJ Rico Banks team up to give you Give Em' The Rico. A compilation of Killa B classic verses from previous material as well as new tracks. This joint gives you a good insight on what most know and love about Killa. So for those who don't know Killa B, checkout records "Kill or Be Killed 2", "Mississippi Brave" & "Independence Day". With solid production and crazy punchlines, this is a certified must have for this Summer!!! Follow @KillaB601

808 tha Bass-Bass Sh%t

It's said to never judge a book by it's cover. If that statement has some value to most, then you will most definitely have to take a closer look at 808 tha Bass. With a distinctive voice combined with harder than hard beats, you'll get Bass Sh%t. A collection of hardcore rap tunes embodied in a man with no regrets and don't give a **** if you don't like it!! Checkout tunes such as "Bass N*gga", "Go Hard" & "Lost". If you love that knock and live life on your own accord, then check this project out!! Baaaaaasssss!!! Follow @808thaBass

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Air Slim-SMD2

With time, some people can either fall to the waist side or rise to the occasion. Air Slim has never been one to fade to black. With his quiet demeanor he makes some major noise with SMD2. This effort provides a more retrospective side of Slim as he share tales of the struggle of today's economy & a young man's plight to survive the grind & pitfalls of a young self-employed go-getta. Checkout records "If I Was You", "So Close", & "Big Azz Truck". Checkout Air Slim currently on the road with Hollywood Luck on The Road To Rich Sh*t Tour coming to a city near you! Follow @AirSlimmy 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rozay Mo-Don't Judge Me

Rozay Mo has been very consistent with his music catalog going back to his work with Smokin' Aces. Now with his 2nd solo effort Don't Judge Me IV/XX, he's back to give you more of that good kush music! Filled with classic samples combined with a sweet cadence, Rozay easily rides each track perfectly. Checkout records "4 Deep", "Ride Shotgun" & "Kelley Green". This is the perfect soundtrack for those who love to see life high in the sky! To 4/20 & Beyond!!! Follow @RozayMo

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Savvy & Gutta-Crown Me 4 Life

Crown Me Entertainment's Front runners Savvy & Gutta have been laying their foundation down in the City of Jackson way before they even decided to rock the mic. Being groomed by Mississippi Crown Kings like David Banner & Queen Boyz (Benz & Bra who is Gutta's older sibling) it was inevitable that they would soon be next in line to takeover the music scene. Now older & much more in tuned to their calling, they present to you Crown Me 4 Life. With Savvy's smooth cadence & Gutta hard-hitting production, this is a tandem to be reckoned with! The highlight of this project is "N'tro" which sets the tone for this already solid project. Also checkout records "No Time", "Boing" & "Outta Here" (Remix) which features non other than mentor & the fire starter David Banner himself. Overall, you won't be disappointed as this project delivers!! Sign, sealed & stamped!! Follow @SOSAVVYWITIT @GUTTABOYOFCME

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Renee Lee-The Prelude

They say there's nothing worse than a woman that's scorned. Well if that statement is true, than Merc Music's First Lady Renee Lee brings fury on her debut The Prelude. From the opening track, you get a clear understanding that Lee holds no punches as she unleashes anger & chaos on "The Product Speaks". As most of the project displays a more personal & very emotional Renee Lee, she does not elude from showcasing her lyrical rapid fire delivery & presence on "My Team". Also checkout records "T-Shirt" & "Psychopath". Overall, this is a solid effort from the Merc Music Femcee. With Strongarm & Co. giving a firm backing, this will not be the last we hear of Renee Lee! Follow @ReneeLee_2Petty

Monday, February 25, 2013

Street Official Exclusive: Elite The Omen & Rashad Street "G'd Up 2.0" (Feat. Mack Life)

Download G'd Up 2.0 (Click Here)

Chicago MC Elite The Omen & Mississippi Producer/MC Rashad Street has joined forces to recreate a Classic Audio Visual!! Take one part Willie Hutch and add some slick wordplay and you have G'd Up 2.0. It also includes CDMG artist Mack Life which turns it's up just a notch! This track is solid from start to finish. I guarantee you'll love what you hear!! Follow @Elite The Omen @iamrashadstreet @TheRealMackLife

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joker Too Cold-The Explanation

Joker Too Cold & DJ T Lewis gave us a Two Weeks Notice on what would soon be The Explanation. It took a little longer but it was well worth the wait. This may be some of Joker's best work to date. He delivers a solid performace over the Phil Collins sampled "The Explanation (Chapter 1)". Along with bangers "Heroin", "Mad" & "Can't Change" (Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Tito Lopez). As always, Joker gives you some intelligent but raw wordplay. The production is top notch and each record is well placed. Overall, this mixtape could have possibly been packaged as an album!! So take advantage and go download this right now!! As far an explanation, as Lil Mal clearly stated, "What's understood don't have to be explianed"!! Follow @iAmTooCold

Twerk Team-Already Dope

Lady L & Mizz Twerksum have took over the Internet with Million + views on You Tube to their credit. Now they're fresh out the booth and ready to conquer the music world with Already Dope (Hosted by DJ Tony H). This project is packed with girl power & swagger to the max!! Checkout records "Roller Coaster", "So Good" & "Cypher Freestyle". Some people would be surprised as Lady L & Mizz Twerksum deliver some nice wordplay to add to their already "Hotter Than July" presence. Take it or leave it, Twerk Team has plans to do whatever it is that they set their minds on without anyone's approval...why?? Because they're already dope!! Respect it!! Follow @MizzTweksum @TTLadyLuscious

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rozay Mo-From My Heart To Yours

Rozay Mo pours his heart out on From My Heart To Yours. Packed with old school melodies & potent wordplay, this 14 song package is a definite slow groove heater!! Checkout records "Toast to the Night", "50 Shades Of Dark" & "How Deep Is Your Love". This can be a smooth alternative from your regular Valentine's Day playlist. So if you just need something to ride to or just feel like (place extracuricular activity here), pop this in and feel the love!! Follow @RozayMo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slimm Pusha-Dayvid Bliane: Above The Below

Slimm Pusha's catalog has been a special one to boast. With Dayvid Bliane: Above The Below, he arise to the occasion once more. With soulful production & a melodic cadence to match, this project is a winner!! Checkout records "Rollsnlo", "92CrownVictoria" & "Three Words". Though this project is "Press Play" worthy, you can find yourself gravitating towards a record that fits your own personal mood. Overall, you can't go wrong with this effort. So in the words of Slimm Pusha... "Sit Back, Lean Back, Get You Some Bottled Water & a Green Pack & Dig This Here!! Kabata!!! Follow @slimmPUSHA

Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Sant-MF X OG

Mississippi & Multi Alumni's own Big Sant steps into the forefront with lyrical prowess & a braggadocio persona to match on MF x OG. This 13 song package gives you a glimpse into the world of a man who says what he means and don't mind saying it twice!! Checkout records "Don't Turn Me Up", "MF X OG" & "Go". If you think that artists from the south can't spit, "Rap N*gga" should end all doubters! This record's ending shows a retrospective side of Big Sant on "Live" as he explains the dark side of the game. Overall, this is a good showing and you can expect more from the Meridian wordsmith. Believe that B*******tch!! Follow @BigSant Checkout Big Sant on The MF X OG Tour coming to city near you!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOVE Anwar-*Chandeliers EP

Southern Cali MC/Producer LOVE Anwar (pronounced AND WAR) gives you lyrical warfare & solid production on Chandeliers EP. The project has a prominent sound with reflective styles of the greats who've paved the way once before us. Checkout records "Be Clear", "Great Migration" & the titled track "Chandeliers". What's also great about Chandeliers EP is the interludes in between most of the project. Something that's rarely done, but it works well!! If you're just riding through the city or need something for the kickback, this would be a perfect blend for both!! This is history (as far as this blog's concerned) right here! As this will be the 1st artist that's mentioned that is NOT from the Sipp!! So I felt if I was going to do this, it had to be something special!! Don't believe me?? That's cool!! Go check em out for yourself!! Follow @ahmadanwar88

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tzzy-On Mars Eatin M&M's

Yea Yea Man's own Tzzy (also known as KidT86) has combined an assortment of our favorite guilty pleasures to give you On Mars Eatin M&M's. Sex, drugs & a little bass gives this project the munchies required for your ears. Checkout singles "Sex On The Moon", "Twice On A Sunday" & "Chick-Fil-A Lemonade". This is the perfect soundtrack to listen to with a bag of your favorite....well you decide the pleasantries, just check out the music!! Follow @KidT86

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Street Official Exclusive: Mr. Franklin (Feat. Rashad Street & Groova) "Neva Felt This Way"

Download "Neva Felt This Way" (click here)

If you love Hip-Hop, if you love the culture, then this record is tailored made for you. Mr. Franklin (also known as Kamikaze) has took it back to the basics with "Neva Felt This Way" . This song tells the nostalgic old tale of a man expressing his love affair with Hip-Hop.This record also includes fellow Crooked Lettaz affiliate Groova and a surprise spot from yours truly!! As we all (who love Hip-Hop) or any genre can attest to, Music has a hold on us and some way. After hearing this record, you'll understand why!! Follow @Kamikaze601 @Grooveezy

The MF X OG Tour is Coming to Jxn!!!

The MF X OG Tour (info page)













Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Remember Bubba Sparxxx? Well meet his younger cousin by the way of Mississippi... Camino. The 19 year old young spitta has his goals set on making his name known with Aspirations (Hosted by Durdy Costello). Fueled with Party Anthems & High Energy lyrics, this 11 track package is a solid interpretation of "Wild & Free". Camino gives tidbits throughout the project to give you a clear understanding that he is NOT your "Average White Rapper"! Checkout records "Funky Music", "Project X" & "Know Me". Overall, this is a solid project and furthermore a very impressive start for the up and coming MC. Follow @IamCamino

Monday, January 7, 2013

Air Slim & Killa B-KillaAir Reloaded

Happy New Year!!! Guess this will be the 1st entry for 2013 and what better way to do it!! Air Slim & Killa B have been goin hard collectively as well as individuals. But nonetheless, they are back with KillaAir Reloaded (Hosted By DJ T Lewis). They added 6 new tracks and as always they never fall short of the Sauce!!! If you didn't get slippin'!!! So I suggest you go cop KillaAir 1st and comeback and download this here!!! Checkout "The Pledge" (Feat. Boo Rossini) & "Southside" (Remix). This is the 1st release of the new year and I think it's a great start!! Follow @AirSlimmy @KillaB601