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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012....What's Good 2013

This year has really had it's Ups & Downs. We witnessed history & tragedy. Madness  ran amuck through the our city & our country.  Somewhere, we as the people, have found comfort and peace within the music. As always, music creates the soundtrack for our lives. Good or bad, you can find common peace with music. So for the year of 2012, we were able to witness what may as well be a future icon of this generation in Kendrick Lamar. 3 Stacks gave us one of the most memorable verses (and possibly a insight on the future of Outkast) this year. As for my city & state, I've been able to see growth. It's amazing to see what the climate of Hip-Hop & R&B has emerge into today. Acts like Big K.R.I.T., 7even Thirty, 5th Child, Hollywood Luck, Slimm Pusha, Kerry Thomas & Calico Panache has given us a glimpse of what we can do in Mississippi. Producer Got Koke making big with major placements with major players (Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, & Meek Mill do the research). There are so many artists & producers that I have come encountered with in the past year. Which makes me believe that 2013 will be a great year for Mississippi!!! In conclusion, I challenge every artist & producer to push the envelope. Don't compromise and stay true to you!!! The stage is set for us to make our mark. What you choose to do is all up to you!!! Thank God for supporters like Q Bobby who is an avid supporter of everything in City of Jackson!!! (We all Thank You) Much Love to Charlie Braxton, theLSHERIEalert, & The OG Kamikaze aka Mr. Franklin for helping artists find a platform. We all play apart in helping us grow. We need no jealousy nor animosity towards each other. We our behind because we hold each other back. So for 2013, let's make great music, support each other, & give em' no choice but to shine the light on us!! We have that power!!! Happy New Year!! Peace & Love!!

                                                                                                  Rashad Street

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doe Hicks-Black Jesus

Doe Hicks has always been one to express himself freely. This effort is no different. Black Jesus comes in with a interview by the late great 2Pac. Everything that you want an artist to be, Donnie Ray Ray embodies. This project shows Doe Hicks displaying his humilty but it quickly switch back into what most love or may hate about the Fly Gang member. Either way, you can't stop the sun from shinning. This is a true depiction of being young, wild & free!!! Make sure to download and rock out!! Saaaaaaauce!!! Follow @Doe Hicks

Smoke-Money Kush Sex Music

Mississippi Cartel's own Smoke has been moving quietly beneath the surface. For some, that may be a sign of falling off. If you know anything about silence, then you know that it can produce profound emotions or conjure startling sensory experiences! With that being said, the DJ 2Tall assisted Money Kush Sex Music embodies that and much more. This project display a dark side of Smoke. With hard production and war tactical wordplay, Smoke is here to eliminate all that oppose his presence. Overall, you don't have to like what's being presented but you will respect it!! Tabernacle Follow @IAMSMOKE601

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata-Kids of the Night

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata (formerly known as Super Smash Bros.) have reinvented themselves and the music has taken a new form as well. The Kids of the Night EP  comes off as 6 song short story that chronicles two young men finding themselves and exploring the world as they see it. Sexual innuendos and late night escapades mixed with solid production give this project a great soundscape for those who live free!! Checkout records "Say That" & the titled track "Kids of the Night". This EP shows great promise for the duo. We all have problems,but it's cool when you can express it as well as these two do it!!! Follow @kotnmusic

Kandi Million-Double Feature

It's been said that you can't deny the power of P U...well you know the rest! If there is any truth to that statement, then Jackson Femcee Kandi Million will be sure to testify!! Confidence and sexual prowess is turned up to the max on both of these projects! Journey 2 A New World & Unwrapped showcases Kandi Millz sexpot persona and slick wordplay. Don't get it confused as some may throw Lil' Kim or Nicki Minaj comparisons. Kandi Million has her mind on creating her own lane. Say what you say, but every book has a story and Kandi Millz has not finished her story yet!! Follow @KANDIMILLION