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Friday, November 9, 2012

James Crow-Religion Guns Money

“My music, and my life, for that matter, is like one extremely long album.” – James Crow

The self-proclaimed "Grandaddy of the Jack" is back at it again with Religion Guns Money. This album may come off a little strong for more listeners but a great listen nonetheless. Solid production, strong content & an angry man gives the LP the fuel is needs to make you step in or fall back. Checkout records "Git Down", "Jafrican War Cry" & "Gil". To better understand this album, let's here about it from the man himself:

excerpt from

“Religion Guns Money comes from a very angry place. Focused anger, but anger nonetheless. I lost my teaching job in 2010 because of the politics in the current state of education. My wife and I were struggling. I had to be on unemployment for a few months, something that I never wanted to do. I had to vent. But I didn’t want to talk about my personal issues on record because, quite frankly, I find that lame as a man. I’m a man. And it occurred to me that my emotions mean very little. When I’m gone to glory, no one will talk about how I was happy or sad at circumstances. They’ll talk about the things that I did in life. So I couldn’t just write about marital issues and being pissed cause I’m not teaching anymore, etc. But I will address some things that I feel need to be dealt with in society, something that everyone can pull from.”

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