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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Street Official Exclusive-Dolla Black "iHustle"

Checkout "iHustle" (click here)

Dolla Black came hard on the scene with his fellow groupmate LaRoc (Dem Boyz) with "601 Ways" & "Fist Pump". Now gearing up for the release of his upcoming project A Dolla and a Dream, he's back with "iHustle". The Alumni Beatz produced track is just a small dose of what's soon to come. No official release date for the project, but be sure to checkout this joint as it is sure to give you that Hustler's Motivation!!! Follow @DollaBlackMHMG

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hollywood Luck & Durdy Costello-Durdy Sprite Remix

Hollywood Luck has been very active as of late and doesn't seem to be slowing down! With radio smashes heavy in rotation (Pole In My Pants & Dance In That) it's only a matter of time before Luck's moniker takes em to just that...Hollywood!! Until then, he & longtime collaborator/producer Durdy Costello got back in the studio to present you with Durdy Sprite Remix. This project is just riding the wave of what has alraedy been a awesome start for the Artist/Producer. With guest features from Slim Thug, Yo Gotti, Webbie & a host of others, this is something you can't sleep on. I've been following Lucks' career for awhile and i'll be the 1st to say that it's been a pleasure to see this man progress to what he's become. You can witness it too by downloading this right now and get a taste!! Follow @1stUpLuck

Friday, November 9, 2012

James Crow-Religion Guns Money

“My music, and my life, for that matter, is like one extremely long album.” – James Crow

The self-proclaimed "Grandaddy of the Jack" is back at it again with Religion Guns Money. This album may come off a little strong for more listeners but a great listen nonetheless. Solid production, strong content & an angry man gives the LP the fuel is needs to make you step in or fall back. Checkout records "Git Down", "Jafrican War Cry" & "Gil". To better understand this album, let's here about it from the man himself:

excerpt from

“Religion Guns Money comes from a very angry place. Focused anger, but anger nonetheless. I lost my teaching job in 2010 because of the politics in the current state of education. My wife and I were struggling. I had to be on unemployment for a few months, something that I never wanted to do. I had to vent. But I didn’t want to talk about my personal issues on record because, quite frankly, I find that lame as a man. I’m a man. And it occurred to me that my emotions mean very little. When I’m gone to glory, no one will talk about how I was happy or sad at circumstances. They’ll talk about the things that I did in life. So I couldn’t just write about marital issues and being pissed cause I’m not teaching anymore, etc. But I will address some things that I feel need to be dealt with in society, something that everyone can pull from.”

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Joker Too Cold-Two Weeks Notice

Tha Joker has been on mission as a late...with good reason. After currently being released from his label and doing a small stint in prison, he's back with Two Weeks Notice (Hosted By DJ T Lewis). This is just a preview before The Explaination & Too Cold holds back no punches. Going in from start to finish, this will either leave a bad taste in your mouth or get you prepared for a rude awakening. To add to this 10 track package, Joker gives you a little insight on what it is & what's to come. Overall, go download & see what it is!! Rent's due and Too Cold is here to collect!! Follow @iAmTooCold

Kerry Thomas-Eye of the Storm

R&B singer/songwriter Kerry Thomas has been crooning on stages & doing covers of your favorite artists with his guitar for a while. So it was only a matter of time that this moment would arise. Eye of the Storm is a great combination of smooth melodies & bedroom grooves. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air or just need something to soothe you though the night, look no further. Follow @RealKerryThomas

Elite The Omen-Now or Never

Chicago bred (by the way of Mississippi) wordsmith Elite the Omen has been urging to get to this point. It has been many road blocks placed in his way, but alas he's finally here with his 1st effort Now or Never. Gritty beats & even grittier rhymes set the tone for this project. Elite shows promise on records such as "It's A War", "The Storm" & "Bullsh*t". Be on the lookout for more The Omen. This is just a warning!! Follow @elitetheomen