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Monday, September 3, 2012

The August Showdown

The last week in August brought more than just Hurricane Issac!!! The City of Jackson was working!! The result...4 projects released in the same day!! Now it took awhile to gather my thoughts on these projects, but to say the least, they all are worth a listen. Rozay Mo gives you a masterpiece with The Chandon Chronicles. From the production to the wordplay, you will be rewarded by each record. Fred Dresser on his 1st effort gives you his all on M.O.T.D. Vol. 1. A man finding himself through a journey of pain & redemption. Be sure to check him out!! Mack Life on his Sophomore project easily hurdled the jinx with Sophisticated Ignorance. With guest features from some of the best in the City, Mack provides an even balance of cool & solid production. Lastly, there's Yoshi Hummer. Bossing Up (Hosted by DJ T. Lewis) embodies the "Coming of Age" for the young artist. Checkout records "Splashing" & "I Got Bank". In conclusion, it has been awhile for me to see such quality that came in quantity! Don't believe me?? Listen for yourself!! Follow @Rozay Mo @YoshiH4 @DaDamnDresser @TheRealMackLife

Download The Chandon Chronicles at
Download Money on the Dresser at
Download Sophisticated Ignorance at
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