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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kamikaze-Introducing Mr. Franklin

We all have had our moments when we felt like the 2nd time will be better than the last. In this case, the road to redemption is needless to say a path well worth the travel. Introducing Mr. Franklin, the MC that most may know by Kamikaze from the Legendary rap duo that hail from the Sipp Crooked Lettaz, is back!! This time, he's playing for keeps!! The Reintroduction of Mr. Franklin is not only a comeback project for Kamikaze, but a proclaimation that this self-proclaim "Bullshark" is ready to trouble the water!! From the opening track, Kaz makes it known that he may have not been as happy with the music. Though rest assured, the love he once thought was gone, is now back & stronger than ever!! With DJ Bang Bang navigating you through this journey, you'll findout soon enough that Kamikaze or should I say Mr. Franklin has arrived!! Take notice!! Follow @Kamikaze601

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