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Sunday, September 30, 2012

7even Thirty-Heaven's Computer

This album has been in the making for nearly 4 years!! To some, this could be very crucial in their careers...but then they are not 7even Thirty! The Jackson emcee/producer took his talents to Dallas & since then has landed a deal & finally released the long awaited LP Heaven's Computer. This conceptual album puts you in the mind of a futuristic-apocalyptic film far ahead of it's time. Though everything blends together perfectly. If you don't have this album, I suggest you go fine tune you ears & purchase this on iTunes now!! Follow @7evenThirty

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kamikaze-Introducing Mr. Franklin

We all have had our moments when we felt like the 2nd time will be better than the last. In this case, the road to redemption is needless to say a path well worth the travel. Introducing Mr. Franklin, the MC that most may know by Kamikaze from the Legendary rap duo that hail from the Sipp Crooked Lettaz, is back!! This time, he's playing for keeps!! The Reintroduction of Mr. Franklin is not only a comeback project for Kamikaze, but a proclaimation that this self-proclaim "Bullshark" is ready to trouble the water!! From the opening track, Kaz makes it known that he may have not been as happy with the music. Though rest assured, the love he once thought was gone, is now back & stronger than ever!! With DJ Bang Bang navigating you through this journey, you'll findout soon enough that Kamikaze or should I say Mr. Franklin has arrived!! Take notice!! Follow @Kamikaze601

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5th Child-Love Letters & Suicide Notes

I have been a fan of 5th Child since The Birth. Since then, i've since seen the constant progression. From the production to the wordplay, 5th has never failed to amaze me. On his new effort Love Letters & Suicide Notes, 5th took it just that much further. Inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, Goodie Mob & Outkast, this project has an incredible sound & feel. From start to finish, Smitty takes you on a ride. This is one movie that you can't miss!! Checkout records "Inspired", "Closure" & "Untitled". If you want that feeling that you feel when you hear good music, than go to iTunes & cop this record!! Follow @5thchildmusic

Merc Music-Armed & Conceited

This go round, it's very clear that you will have to respect this Merc Music Movement. Armed & Conceited displays a sharper & new sound from the beat bully Strongarm. To add to the flavor palatte, T3 & JA provide a potent mix of wordplay & swagger. With Renee Lee & Young Vegas providing strong & edgy elements that gives this project the foundation & balance it needs. No need to skip track to track as this project is "Press Play" worthy. I see great things for this collective. Don't believe be bold and download!! Follow @TeamMercMusic 

Young Vegas-J.A.C.K.P.O.T.

Sometimes if you sit still, you'll find that most things you search for can be right under your nose. In this case, I found a gem in the new recriut out of the Merc Music Camp. Introducing Young Vegas, the West Jackson MC has strong sense of urgency & hunger as eveident on his 1st effort J.A.C.K.P.O.T. . Which is an acronym for Journey Acknowledging Constant Knowledge Progressings Over Time. If that isn't enough to get your attention, the project enlist some of the best producers in the city (Strongarm, Hershey Blakk, etc.) just a name of few. Checkout tracks like "Have Mercy", "Feeling You" & "Dirty Diana". I guarantee when you press play, you will feel like you hit the lotto when you hear this project..Jackpot!!! Follow @iamyoungvegas

Monday, September 3, 2012

The August Showdown

The last week in August brought more than just Hurricane Issac!!! The City of Jackson was working!! The result...4 projects released in the same day!! Now it took awhile to gather my thoughts on these projects, but to say the least, they all are worth a listen. Rozay Mo gives you a masterpiece with The Chandon Chronicles. From the production to the wordplay, you will be rewarded by each record. Fred Dresser on his 1st effort gives you his all on M.O.T.D. Vol. 1. A man finding himself through a journey of pain & redemption. Be sure to check him out!! Mack Life on his Sophomore project easily hurdled the jinx with Sophisticated Ignorance. With guest features from some of the best in the City, Mack provides an even balance of cool & solid production. Lastly, there's Yoshi Hummer. Bossing Up (Hosted by DJ T. Lewis) embodies the "Coming of Age" for the young artist. Checkout records "Splashing" & "I Got Bank". In conclusion, it has been awhile for me to see such quality that came in quantity! Don't believe me?? Listen for yourself!! Follow @Rozay Mo @YoshiH4 @DaDamnDresser @TheRealMackLife

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