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Bob Street-"JXN MISS" (Official Music Video)

Friday, August 24, 2012

J. Skyy-Perfect Mistakes

MTM frontman J. Skyy has created a wonderful masterpiece with Perfect Mistakes. A oxymoron to the 3rd degree, but all so well placed. This record has so many layers and each record contradicts the one before it!! Stellar production & even greater wordplay. Skyy also gives you a small dosage of vocal skills as well. Checkout records "Only If", "Greg Oden" & "Perfect Mistakes". J. Skyy may have just touch the surface of what could be something special. We'll see how this mistake turns out!! Follow @SkyySoHigh

Street Official Exclusive-Fred Dresser "Truth"

Download Fred Dresser "Truth" (click here)

This is by far some of the best material I've heard from the Poetic Preacher also known as Fred Dresser. I won't go into detail but if you would be kind enough to trust my judgement, I promise I wouldn't steer you wrong!! Be on the lookout for Fred Dresser's 1st solo effort Money On The Dresser Vol. 1 due to be released Aug. 31. Follow @DaDamnDresser

Street Official Exclusive-Coke Bumaye "Mayor"

Coke Bumaye has been setting a standard for quality street music consistantly for as long as I can remember. This is no different!! The Luck produced track has all the right elements. Hard to the core with no bullshit additives!! Coke has been under the surface, but rest asurred he's always holding something in the stash!!! This is proof!! Scroll down & check it out for yourself!! Follow @cokebumaye

Download "Mayor" (click here)

Hershey Blakk-My Chevy

Producer Hershey Blakk has been burning up the city with radio & club smashes (Luck's "Dance In That" & Air Slim's "Bussin") just a name of few. Now the Chevy enthusiast is stepping from behind the boards to present My Chevy. If you love hard 808's and classic rider music anthems, this joint is for you!!! Checkout "Heavy Chevy", "My Bit" & the rider's anthem "I-55". This DJ T-Brewer assisted mixtape is a definite must have if you're ridin' heavy!!! Follow @HersheyBlakk