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Bob Street-"JXN MISS" (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Infinite Starr-Bad Ass Yellow Girl

"Since I'm from Mississippi, they don't wanna hear our story." -Infinite Starr

In this case, the story is cut clear & straight to the point...Mississippi has talent. The Gulfport representative has given you club and radio smashes (Mississippi Cartel "We In Deep"), but now she's back at it with True Face. This joint is high powered & geared with tracks that's in your face hard!! Checkout tracks like "WTF U Mean", "All I Know" & "Whitney Houston". With 25,000+ downloads, it's quite clear that the people are listening!! With that, this story is being heard....LOUD & CLEAR. Follow @GoddessofRap

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Luck-Can't Ban The Pole Man

Hollywood Luck has been setting the streets on fire! (No pun intended) With controversy & the City of Jackson constantly ranting & raving, you would think one would slow down!! Obviously you don't know Luck!! Can't Ban The Pole Man (Hosted By DJ Koollaid) is Luck's newest edition to an already great body of work and a kick in the face to all of those who's trying to stop the moevment!! It includes a few new records and the smash the has been shaking up the city for the last 16 months "Pole In My Pants". This may as well be one of this biggest movements that has hit in a long time!! If you're still a skeptic, come checkout his Mixtape Release Party on July 21st at Da Shak Bar & Grill  (Jackson, Ms) & see for yourself!! Follow @1stUpLuck Swagggg!!!!!!

PeeWee-Beyond All Dreams

PeeWee has held this project under wraps for a long time, but it was worth the wait!! Beyond All Dreams was a smooth transition from PeeWee's 1st effort. You really hear the progression and hunger as the music blasts from the speakerboxx! Checkout records "Nascar", "Everywhere" & the record that started the "Sauce" movement "Sauced Up" which features SSFFG members Air Slim & Killa B. Also go to and peep out the video as well. Being able to see a vision is one thing, but living the vision is definitely beyond all dreams!! Follow @GoPeeWee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7even:Thirty Inks Deal with Mello Music Group

Artist/Producer & Jackson native 7even:Thirty has been giving us great music and shutting down stages for years! As the saying goes, hard work truly pays off!! Recently 7even:Thirty has inked a deal with the Indie Label Mello Music Group and surely good music is to follow! He's been working hard on his concept album Heaven's Computer due to be released September 25th. I wish nothing but success and hopefully I could get an interview before he leaves the stratosphere!! Follow @7evenThirty

Doe Hicks-Dope Sauce

Murder Team affiliate & Booty Enthusiast Doe Hicks has been known for Party Anthems. Though this may as well be some of his best material yet, Dope Sauce still gives you that classic Doe Hicks formula with a few enhancements! Checkout "Extra", the star-studded joint "Like It or Love It" which features hometown giants Boo Rossini, David Banner & Cassius. The record I really would like people to take notice to would be "Project Profit". The message is thorough and it also features a solid 16 from SSFFG member PeeWee that's worth a listen!! This project is the 1st of 3 to be released this year from the self proclaimed "Black Jesus". I for one will be the 1st to say the Sauce is potent..basque in it!! Follow @DoeHicks

Monday, July 2, 2012

Strongarm-Strongarm 4 Mayor

If you know Strongarm, then this is quite clear...always expect the unexpected!! Strongarm4Mayor Pt. 1 is a solid body of work by Merc Music's Beatsmith. Each record carries it's weight by each artist. "Nothings Given" & "Basic Barbie" shows some clever & witty wordplay by JA & Renee Lee. But the records that astound me where "Moment of Clarity" & "Mamacita". Clearly Strongarm has a strong sense of R&B chops as well as Hip-Hop. All & all this is must have for the iPod, car etc. I've cast my vote...what you waiting on???? Follow @J_Strongarm