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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Air Slim & Killa B-Fly Enough To Die

It took a while to find something to say about this project...mainly because I just been so caught up being a fan of the music!! Anyway, Air Slim & Killa B didn't hold anything back on this effort!! The Murderteam affiliates give you Killa Air: Fly Enough To Die. A movie converted into audio form with both artists giving you a compelling performance on both sides. Air Slim creates a good imagery of the flashy & fast life while Killa B shows you the streets with a clever sense of wordplay. Checkout songs "Screens Fall", "Never Had Sh#t", & the storytellers-esque "1 More Lick". If you have any thoughts of what this lifestyle holds..just ask yourself "Am I Fly Enough To Die?" Follow on Twitter @AirSlimmy & @killabsfg

1 comment:

  1. Airslim & KillaB the hottest thing in the streets of Jacktown mixtape is a must have.. them boyz ain't nothing to play with