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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012....What's Good 2013

This year has really had it's Ups & Downs. We witnessed history & tragedy. Madness  ran amuck through the our city & our country.  Somewhere, we as the people, have found comfort and peace within the music. As always, music creates the soundtrack for our lives. Good or bad, you can find common peace with music. So for the year of 2012, we were able to witness what may as well be a future icon of this generation in Kendrick Lamar. 3 Stacks gave us one of the most memorable verses (and possibly a insight on the future of Outkast) this year. As for my city & state, I've been able to see growth. It's amazing to see what the climate of Hip-Hop & R&B has emerge into today. Acts like Big K.R.I.T., 7even Thirty, 5th Child, Hollywood Luck, Slimm Pusha, Kerry Thomas & Calico Panache has given us a glimpse of what we can do in Mississippi. Producer Got Koke making big with major placements with major players (Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, & Meek Mill do the research). There are so many artists & producers that I have come encountered with in the past year. Which makes me believe that 2013 will be a great year for Mississippi!!! In conclusion, I challenge every artist & producer to push the envelope. Don't compromise and stay true to you!!! The stage is set for us to make our mark. What you choose to do is all up to you!!! Thank God for supporters like Q Bobby who is an avid supporter of everything in City of Jackson!!! (We all Thank You) Much Love to Charlie Braxton, theLSHERIEalert, & The OG Kamikaze aka Mr. Franklin for helping artists find a platform. We all play apart in helping us grow. We need no jealousy nor animosity towards each other. We our behind because we hold each other back. So for 2013, let's make great music, support each other, & give em' no choice but to shine the light on us!! We have that power!!! Happy New Year!! Peace & Love!!

                                                                                                  Rashad Street

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doe Hicks-Black Jesus

Doe Hicks has always been one to express himself freely. This effort is no different. Black Jesus comes in with a interview by the late great 2Pac. Everything that you want an artist to be, Donnie Ray Ray embodies. This project shows Doe Hicks displaying his humilty but it quickly switch back into what most love or may hate about the Fly Gang member. Either way, you can't stop the sun from shinning. This is a true depiction of being young, wild & free!!! Make sure to download and rock out!! Saaaaaaauce!!! Follow @Doe Hicks

Smoke-Money Kush Sex Music

Mississippi Cartel's own Smoke has been moving quietly beneath the surface. For some, that may be a sign of falling off. If you know anything about silence, then you know that it can produce profound emotions or conjure startling sensory experiences! With that being said, the DJ 2Tall assisted Money Kush Sex Music embodies that and much more. This project display a dark side of Smoke. With hard production and war tactical wordplay, Smoke is here to eliminate all that oppose his presence. Overall, you don't have to like what's being presented but you will respect it!! Tabernacle Follow @IAMSMOKE601

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata-Kids of the Night

Ahmad Rashad & Saddi Sundiata (formerly known as Super Smash Bros.) have reinvented themselves and the music has taken a new form as well. The Kids of the Night EP  comes off as 6 song short story that chronicles two young men finding themselves and exploring the world as they see it. Sexual innuendos and late night escapades mixed with solid production give this project a great soundscape for those who live free!! Checkout records "Say That" & the titled track "Kids of the Night". This EP shows great promise for the duo. We all have problems,but it's cool when you can express it as well as these two do it!!! Follow @kotnmusic

Kandi Million-Double Feature

It's been said that you can't deny the power of P U...well you know the rest! If there is any truth to that statement, then Jackson Femcee Kandi Million will be sure to testify!! Confidence and sexual prowess is turned up to the max on both of these projects! Journey 2 A New World & Unwrapped showcases Kandi Millz sexpot persona and slick wordplay. Don't get it confused as some may throw Lil' Kim or Nicki Minaj comparisons. Kandi Million has her mind on creating her own lane. Say what you say, but every book has a story and Kandi Millz has not finished her story yet!! Follow @KANDIMILLION

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Street Official Exclusive-Dolla Black "iHustle"

Checkout "iHustle" (click here)

Dolla Black came hard on the scene with his fellow groupmate LaRoc (Dem Boyz) with "601 Ways" & "Fist Pump". Now gearing up for the release of his upcoming project A Dolla and a Dream, he's back with "iHustle". The Alumni Beatz produced track is just a small dose of what's soon to come. No official release date for the project, but be sure to checkout this joint as it is sure to give you that Hustler's Motivation!!! Follow @DollaBlackMHMG

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hollywood Luck & Durdy Costello-Durdy Sprite Remix

Hollywood Luck has been very active as of late and doesn't seem to be slowing down! With radio smashes heavy in rotation (Pole In My Pants & Dance In That) it's only a matter of time before Luck's moniker takes em to just that...Hollywood!! Until then, he & longtime collaborator/producer Durdy Costello got back in the studio to present you with Durdy Sprite Remix. This project is just riding the wave of what has alraedy been a awesome start for the Artist/Producer. With guest features from Slim Thug, Yo Gotti, Webbie & a host of others, this is something you can't sleep on. I've been following Lucks' career for awhile and i'll be the 1st to say that it's been a pleasure to see this man progress to what he's become. You can witness it too by downloading this right now and get a taste!! Follow @1stUpLuck

Friday, November 9, 2012

James Crow-Religion Guns Money

“My music, and my life, for that matter, is like one extremely long album.” – James Crow

The self-proclaimed "Grandaddy of the Jack" is back at it again with Religion Guns Money. This album may come off a little strong for more listeners but a great listen nonetheless. Solid production, strong content & an angry man gives the LP the fuel is needs to make you step in or fall back. Checkout records "Git Down", "Jafrican War Cry" & "Gil". To better understand this album, let's here about it from the man himself:

excerpt from

“Religion Guns Money comes from a very angry place. Focused anger, but anger nonetheless. I lost my teaching job in 2010 because of the politics in the current state of education. My wife and I were struggling. I had to be on unemployment for a few months, something that I never wanted to do. I had to vent. But I didn’t want to talk about my personal issues on record because, quite frankly, I find that lame as a man. I’m a man. And it occurred to me that my emotions mean very little. When I’m gone to glory, no one will talk about how I was happy or sad at circumstances. They’ll talk about the things that I did in life. So I couldn’t just write about marital issues and being pissed cause I’m not teaching anymore, etc. But I will address some things that I feel need to be dealt with in society, something that everyone can pull from.”

Follow @bluestach

Joker Too Cold-Two Weeks Notice

Tha Joker has been on mission as a late...with good reason. After currently being released from his label and doing a small stint in prison, he's back with Two Weeks Notice (Hosted By DJ T Lewis). This is just a preview before The Explaination & Too Cold holds back no punches. Going in from start to finish, this will either leave a bad taste in your mouth or get you prepared for a rude awakening. To add to this 10 track package, Joker gives you a little insight on what it is & what's to come. Overall, go download & see what it is!! Rent's due and Too Cold is here to collect!! Follow @iAmTooCold

Kerry Thomas-Eye of the Storm

R&B singer/songwriter Kerry Thomas has been crooning on stages & doing covers of your favorite artists with his guitar for a while. So it was only a matter of time that this moment would arise. Eye of the Storm is a great combination of smooth melodies & bedroom grooves. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air or just need something to soothe you though the night, look no further. Follow @RealKerryThomas

Elite The Omen-Now or Never

Chicago bred (by the way of Mississippi) wordsmith Elite the Omen has been urging to get to this point. It has been many road blocks placed in his way, but alas he's finally here with his 1st effort Now or Never. Gritty beats & even grittier rhymes set the tone for this project. Elite shows promise on records such as "It's A War", "The Storm" & "Bullsh*t". Be on the lookout for more The Omen. This is just a warning!! Follow @elitetheomen

Monday, October 29, 2012

Coke Bumaye-Man Amongest Boyz

There are some artists that thrive to do whatever to gain the spotlight. Even if it means going against their morals and beliefs to do so. If you're thinking that is this man, then you thought wrong. Coke Kill'em has been consistent with giving you quality music. This time around, it's quite evident that Coke wants people to understand his music may not be for the radio, but if you listen, you'll a feel that mass appeal!! Follow @cokebumaye

Street Official Exclusive-Killa B "The Pledge" (Feat. Air Slim & Boo Rossini)

Download "The Pledge" (click here)

SSFFG's own Killa B is back!!! Still riding high off the collaborative LP Killer Air (with Air Slim) this is just a tease until the new solo joint Da Old Killa Back hits the streets. This track has a large soundscape and with fellow mate Air Slim and  CTE & Mississippi Legend Boo Rossini's stamp, this is sure to burn up the city!! For more on Killa B, follow @KillaB601

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tricky LT 45-Shoebox

Jacktown Heavyweight Tricky LT 45 has been crushing verses and opening up for Top Acts such as T.I. and more!! Though it's been quiet for Tricky since his last release New Shoes, most should have known this was the calm before the storm. Which brings us to the topic of Shoebox, the new LP from the fire starter that's packed with heavy basslines & even heavier punches! Checkout singles "Leak", "Victim" & the radio smash "601 Wayz" featuring the Mile High Gang Cassius & Dem Boyz. Though the highlight of this project is the bonus track. I won't spill the beans, but I'll definitely say I know who the homie will be casting his vote for this coming election!! Overall, this could go over to some as Tricky being Tricky. I say we haven't really seen what's in Tricky closet wise that is!!! Follow @TrickyLT

Sunday, September 30, 2012

7even Thirty-Heaven's Computer

This album has been in the making for nearly 4 years!! To some, this could be very crucial in their careers...but then they are not 7even Thirty! The Jackson emcee/producer took his talents to Dallas & since then has landed a deal & finally released the long awaited LP Heaven's Computer. This conceptual album puts you in the mind of a futuristic-apocalyptic film far ahead of it's time. Though everything blends together perfectly. If you don't have this album, I suggest you go fine tune you ears & purchase this on iTunes now!! Follow @7evenThirty

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kamikaze-Introducing Mr. Franklin

We all have had our moments when we felt like the 2nd time will be better than the last. In this case, the road to redemption is needless to say a path well worth the travel. Introducing Mr. Franklin, the MC that most may know by Kamikaze from the Legendary rap duo that hail from the Sipp Crooked Lettaz, is back!! This time, he's playing for keeps!! The Reintroduction of Mr. Franklin is not only a comeback project for Kamikaze, but a proclaimation that this self-proclaim "Bullshark" is ready to trouble the water!! From the opening track, Kaz makes it known that he may have not been as happy with the music. Though rest assured, the love he once thought was gone, is now back & stronger than ever!! With DJ Bang Bang navigating you through this journey, you'll findout soon enough that Kamikaze or should I say Mr. Franklin has arrived!! Take notice!! Follow @Kamikaze601

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5th Child-Love Letters & Suicide Notes

I have been a fan of 5th Child since The Birth. Since then, i've since seen the constant progression. From the production to the wordplay, 5th has never failed to amaze me. On his new effort Love Letters & Suicide Notes, 5th took it just that much further. Inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, Goodie Mob & Outkast, this project has an incredible sound & feel. From start to finish, Smitty takes you on a ride. This is one movie that you can't miss!! Checkout records "Inspired", "Closure" & "Untitled". If you want that feeling that you feel when you hear good music, than go to iTunes & cop this record!! Follow @5thchildmusic

Merc Music-Armed & Conceited

This go round, it's very clear that you will have to respect this Merc Music Movement. Armed & Conceited displays a sharper & new sound from the beat bully Strongarm. To add to the flavor palatte, T3 & JA provide a potent mix of wordplay & swagger. With Renee Lee & Young Vegas providing strong & edgy elements that gives this project the foundation & balance it needs. No need to skip track to track as this project is "Press Play" worthy. I see great things for this collective. Don't believe be bold and download!! Follow @TeamMercMusic 

Young Vegas-J.A.C.K.P.O.T.

Sometimes if you sit still, you'll find that most things you search for can be right under your nose. In this case, I found a gem in the new recriut out of the Merc Music Camp. Introducing Young Vegas, the West Jackson MC has strong sense of urgency & hunger as eveident on his 1st effort J.A.C.K.P.O.T. . Which is an acronym for Journey Acknowledging Constant Knowledge Progressings Over Time. If that isn't enough to get your attention, the project enlist some of the best producers in the city (Strongarm, Hershey Blakk, etc.) just a name of few. Checkout tracks like "Have Mercy", "Feeling You" & "Dirty Diana". I guarantee when you press play, you will feel like you hit the lotto when you hear this project..Jackpot!!! Follow @iamyoungvegas

Monday, September 3, 2012

The August Showdown

The last week in August brought more than just Hurricane Issac!!! The City of Jackson was working!! The result...4 projects released in the same day!! Now it took awhile to gather my thoughts on these projects, but to say the least, they all are worth a listen. Rozay Mo gives you a masterpiece with The Chandon Chronicles. From the production to the wordplay, you will be rewarded by each record. Fred Dresser on his 1st effort gives you his all on M.O.T.D. Vol. 1. A man finding himself through a journey of pain & redemption. Be sure to check him out!! Mack Life on his Sophomore project easily hurdled the jinx with Sophisticated Ignorance. With guest features from some of the best in the City, Mack provides an even balance of cool & solid production. Lastly, there's Yoshi Hummer. Bossing Up (Hosted by DJ T. Lewis) embodies the "Coming of Age" for the young artist. Checkout records "Splashing" & "I Got Bank". In conclusion, it has been awhile for me to see such quality that came in quantity! Don't believe me?? Listen for yourself!! Follow @Rozay Mo @YoshiH4 @DaDamnDresser @TheRealMackLife

Download The Chandon Chronicles at
Download Money on the Dresser at
Download Sophisticated Ignorance at
Download Bossing Up at

Friday, August 24, 2012

J. Skyy-Perfect Mistakes

MTM frontman J. Skyy has created a wonderful masterpiece with Perfect Mistakes. A oxymoron to the 3rd degree, but all so well placed. This record has so many layers and each record contradicts the one before it!! Stellar production & even greater wordplay. Skyy also gives you a small dosage of vocal skills as well. Checkout records "Only If", "Greg Oden" & "Perfect Mistakes". J. Skyy may have just touch the surface of what could be something special. We'll see how this mistake turns out!! Follow @SkyySoHigh

Street Official Exclusive-Fred Dresser "Truth"

Download Fred Dresser "Truth" (click here)

This is by far some of the best material I've heard from the Poetic Preacher also known as Fred Dresser. I won't go into detail but if you would be kind enough to trust my judgement, I promise I wouldn't steer you wrong!! Be on the lookout for Fred Dresser's 1st solo effort Money On The Dresser Vol. 1 due to be released Aug. 31. Follow @DaDamnDresser

Street Official Exclusive-Coke Bumaye "Mayor"

Coke Bumaye has been setting a standard for quality street music consistantly for as long as I can remember. This is no different!! The Luck produced track has all the right elements. Hard to the core with no bullshit additives!! Coke has been under the surface, but rest asurred he's always holding something in the stash!!! This is proof!! Scroll down & check it out for yourself!! Follow @cokebumaye

Download "Mayor" (click here)

Hershey Blakk-My Chevy

Producer Hershey Blakk has been burning up the city with radio & club smashes (Luck's "Dance In That" & Air Slim's "Bussin") just a name of few. Now the Chevy enthusiast is stepping from behind the boards to present My Chevy. If you love hard 808's and classic rider music anthems, this joint is for you!!! Checkout "Heavy Chevy", "My Bit" & the rider's anthem "I-55". This DJ T-Brewer assisted mixtape is a definite must have if you're ridin' heavy!!! Follow @HersheyBlakk

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Infinite Starr-Bad Ass Yellow Girl

"Since I'm from Mississippi, they don't wanna hear our story." -Infinite Starr

In this case, the story is cut clear & straight to the point...Mississippi has talent. The Gulfport representative has given you club and radio smashes (Mississippi Cartel "We In Deep"), but now she's back at it with True Face. This joint is high powered & geared with tracks that's in your face hard!! Checkout tracks like "WTF U Mean", "All I Know" & "Whitney Houston". With 25,000+ downloads, it's quite clear that the people are listening!! With that, this story is being heard....LOUD & CLEAR. Follow @GoddessofRap

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Luck-Can't Ban The Pole Man

Hollywood Luck has been setting the streets on fire! (No pun intended) With controversy & the City of Jackson constantly ranting & raving, you would think one would slow down!! Obviously you don't know Luck!! Can't Ban The Pole Man (Hosted By DJ Koollaid) is Luck's newest edition to an already great body of work and a kick in the face to all of those who's trying to stop the moevment!! It includes a few new records and the smash the has been shaking up the city for the last 16 months "Pole In My Pants". This may as well be one of this biggest movements that has hit in a long time!! If you're still a skeptic, come checkout his Mixtape Release Party on July 21st at Da Shak Bar & Grill  (Jackson, Ms) & see for yourself!! Follow @1stUpLuck Swagggg!!!!!!

PeeWee-Beyond All Dreams

PeeWee has held this project under wraps for a long time, but it was worth the wait!! Beyond All Dreams was a smooth transition from PeeWee's 1st effort. You really hear the progression and hunger as the music blasts from the speakerboxx! Checkout records "Nascar", "Everywhere" & the record that started the "Sauce" movement "Sauced Up" which features SSFFG members Air Slim & Killa B. Also go to and peep out the video as well. Being able to see a vision is one thing, but living the vision is definitely beyond all dreams!! Follow @GoPeeWee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7even:Thirty Inks Deal with Mello Music Group

Artist/Producer & Jackson native 7even:Thirty has been giving us great music and shutting down stages for years! As the saying goes, hard work truly pays off!! Recently 7even:Thirty has inked a deal with the Indie Label Mello Music Group and surely good music is to follow! He's been working hard on his concept album Heaven's Computer due to be released September 25th. I wish nothing but success and hopefully I could get an interview before he leaves the stratosphere!! Follow @7evenThirty

Doe Hicks-Dope Sauce

Murder Team affiliate & Booty Enthusiast Doe Hicks has been known for Party Anthems. Though this may as well be some of his best material yet, Dope Sauce still gives you that classic Doe Hicks formula with a few enhancements! Checkout "Extra", the star-studded joint "Like It or Love It" which features hometown giants Boo Rossini, David Banner & Cassius. The record I really would like people to take notice to would be "Project Profit". The message is thorough and it also features a solid 16 from SSFFG member PeeWee that's worth a listen!! This project is the 1st of 3 to be released this year from the self proclaimed "Black Jesus". I for one will be the 1st to say the Sauce is potent..basque in it!! Follow @DoeHicks

Monday, July 2, 2012

Strongarm-Strongarm 4 Mayor

If you know Strongarm, then this is quite clear...always expect the unexpected!! Strongarm4Mayor Pt. 1 is a solid body of work by Merc Music's Beatsmith. Each record carries it's weight by each artist. "Nothings Given" & "Basic Barbie" shows some clever & witty wordplay by JA & Renee Lee. But the records that astound me where "Moment of Clarity" & "Mamacita". Clearly Strongarm has a strong sense of R&B chops as well as Hip-Hop. All & all this is must have for the iPod, car etc. I've cast my vote...what you waiting on???? Follow @J_Strongarm

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Arrival Tour 2012 is Coming!!!

Mississippi is on the rise and you can take notice with The Arrival Tour!! A 20 City showcase that's featuring Merc Music and Rickey P. Flair. Also on the ticket will be 2Krunk and The Band, Chief Lion & Philie Phresh. Here's a list of dates:

June 20 - Atlanta,GA (Vinyl)
June 22 - Warner Robbins,GA
June 27 - Columbus,GA
June 29 - Macon,GA
July 4 - Tallahasee,FL
July 6 - Jacksonville,FL
July 11- Columbia,SC
July 13 - Charlotte,NC
July 18 - Richmond,VA
July 19 - VA Beach,VA
July 20 - Maryland, MD

For more dates & info email

Plaese support your own!!!

Rickey P. Flair-Call Him Slimi
That say don't ever judge a book by it's cover..well in this case, this cover explains it all!! I would like to introduce to you Rickey P. Flair and his album Slimi Hendrix. A smooth & laidback project with witty punchlines, clever wordplay & solid production. Checkout songs "Dope Fiend", "2 Cups" (Feat. Merc Music) & "Miss Me In The Morning" (Feat. Chief Lion). This movie also has a few bonus cuts so be sure to indulge. If you're a frequent flyer who doesn't mind to slow lean every once in a while..then Rickey P. Flair has the soundtrack for you. Get to know Rickey, but you call him "Slimi". Follow @polarbairflair

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rashad Street LIVE at DreamzJXN 6/10

What's Good Everybody??? I hope everyone is living life!!! Check it..I'll be performing this Sunday at DreamzJXN!! I need everyone that can see this come out & support your boy!! I got some new material & I even have a few surprises in tha Stash!! If you come out, you won't be disappointed!! My bro Ricky Rich performing as well & the OG Kamikaze will be hitting the stage with new material !! So with that said..when you're done chilling with the fam & got the food down, come vibe with the kid!! Thx for errbody who supports this blog. It would be nothing without you!! Peace & Love!!

Big K.R.I.T.-Live From The Underground

Big K.R.I.T. has blessed us with Mixtape after Mixtape!! Now finally K.R.I.T. delivers with his debut album Live From The Underground. A soulful record in & out. K.R.I.T. stays true to his roots, which I think most can appreciate. The production, solely done by K.R.I.T. himself, is all the way official & as southern as Big Mama's busciuts!! Checkout records "What U Mean", "Hydroplaning" & "Praying Man" featuring the Legendary B.B. King. Go support this'll be glad you did!! Checkout K.R.I.T. this Summer on The Live From The Underground Tour. Follow @BIGKRIT

Calico Panache-The Kickback
Bet's 106 & Park W.O.W. winners Calico Panache aka Chic Bang Theory has graced us with thier debut The Kickback. A wonderful vibe & feel of the nostalgia with classic Summer jams & awesome covers. Checkout songs "Diggin U (Remix)" (Feat. DCity) & "Good Day" (Feat. Cool Ape & Ayo). This is the soundtrack of the Summer so go download this project now!!! Follow @CalicoPanache_

Doe Hicks-Everybody Fux Wit Doe

Doe Hicks fux with everybody!!! This is evident on his effort i Fux Wit Everybody Vol. 1. This project is a collection of collabos with Doe Hicks spreding that Dope Sauce with some the hottest the Sipp has to offer!! Checkout songs "Word Around Town" & "I Look Good". Be on the lookout for Doe Hicks Dope Sauce coming soon!!! Follow @DoeHicks

David Banner-Sex, Drugs & Video Games

Artist/Producer David Banner is back with some of his best material in years with Sex, Drugs & Video Games. This project has star power to the max with stellar production!! Checkout songs "Yao Ming" & "I Look Good" (Feat. Luck, Doe Hicks & Saavy). To give light, this project has garnered a lot of supporters due to the 2M1 movement. To find out more about the movement, log onto Follow @THEREALBANNER

Hollywood Luck-Salute The Swag

The Month of May for 2 years running has been flooded with heat!!! To start the wave this year is Hollywood Luck with Salute The Swag hosted by T. Brewer. Luck gives you a collection of previous records with a few new bangers. Checkout "Salute The Swag" & "I'm A Star" (Feat. Doe Hicks & Bob Street). This is a certified banger for the summer!! Checkout Luck this Summer at a venue near you!! Luck will be shooting the video for "Pole In My Pants" June 7th at Freelon's from 4-10. Come show your support for the hottest in the City of Jackson..Swag!!! Follow @1stUpLuck

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Air Slim & Killa B-Fly Enough To Die

It took a while to find something to say about this project...mainly because I just been so caught up being a fan of the music!! Anyway, Air Slim & Killa B didn't hold anything back on this effort!! The Murderteam affiliates give you Killa Air: Fly Enough To Die. A movie converted into audio form with both artists giving you a compelling performance on both sides. Air Slim creates a good imagery of the flashy & fast life while Killa B shows you the streets with a clever sense of wordplay. Checkout songs "Screens Fall", "Never Had Sh#t", & the storytellers-esque "1 More Lick". If you have any thoughts of what this lifestyle holds..just ask yourself "Am I Fly Enough To Die?" Follow on Twitter @AirSlimmy & @killabsfg

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rashad Street: The Other Muzik
What's good? It's been a minute since I released some music, so here it is!! I put togther a collection of remixes, unreleased tracks & a few released tracks to give you The Other Muzik. It has features from Doe Hicks, Air Slim, Killa B, Jess of Chic Bang Theory. (Just a name of few) I've been currently working on some film & other projects that should be coming soon. I want to thank every one who contributed to this project. Shoutout to Strongarm, 5th Child & K. Carr for the stellar production. This is not an album...more like an extended EP. I just wanted to give the people something until my new project I Am Rashad Street hits the ground. Thank you for supporting me & I hope you enjoy the music!! The Other Muzik drops April 3rd. Follow @thaStash.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

PyInfamous & Sam.i.Am the Son-Final Discussion

PyInfamous & producer Sam.i.Am the Son brings it to you one last time for the last installment of the "Discussion" series. A little different from the normal format, PyInfamous (Jason Thompson) comes this time around with more of a upbeat sound. Don't get it twisted though, the message is still the same..raw & real! Checkout the single "So Dope" & "Still The King" (Part 2). Make sure March 30th you support the movement & download this record!!! Follow on Twitter @PyInfamous

Big K.R.I.T.: The Journey Into 4eva N A Day

Big K.R.I.T. takes you on a journey with 4eva N a Day. From beginning to end, you feel as if you can see the music as well as hearing it! Compelling & solid production (all produced by K.R.I.T.) gives this project a, in my opinion, a nod for Mixtape of The Year! Checkout records "Boobie Miles", "Package Store" & "Insomnia". Be sure to checkout K.R.I.T. LIVE coming to a College Campus near you!! Follow on Twitter @BIGKRIT

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coke Bumaye: The Translator, The Believer

Coke Bumaye is back with his best work to date. This lastest edition to his Translation series is more thought-provoking and harder than before! On this effort, you'll find a more seasoned & quite sharper artist with an even stronger production pallate than the last projects. Checkout songs "Do You Believe", "Hope For The Hopeless", & "F*ck N*ggaz" (Feat. Bob Street). On the flip-side, records such as "Drop It" & "Girl With The Tattoo" gives Translation 3 the solid & potent balance of a "Classic" LP. I advise you all to get Translation 3 in your life!! If you don't know, you will!! Follow on Twitter @cokebumaye

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Luck: The Inside Man 2-The Saga Continues...

Luck is back at it agian!! This time he goes in a little deeper with The Inside Man 2-Heart One. Luck shows he's more than just the Gold Rapper. Providing a great balance of R&B with a Rap appeal which is becoming a signature sound for the Artist/Producer. Luck also gets a little assistance (production wise) this go round. Checkout songs "Still Care" [Prod. By Strongarm], "Better Get They B*tches" [Prod. By Hershey Blakk] & the hit that's killing the clubs as well as the radio "Dance In That" (Feat. Doe Hicks & Flawless). Luck doesn't stops there!!! Checkout out the Dance record "Running Back"! This record is definitely "Star Quality" as Luck's star is rapidly rising as well as the rest of his Murderteam conglomerates. Follow on Twitter @1stUpLuck

Crown Me Ent. Presents...Takers

If you surround yourself around greatness, it's inevitable that you too shall become great! In CME's own Savvy's case, he was not only surrounded by it...he actually lived around it. Being mentored by Mississippi's Heavy-Hitter David Banner, you will hear & see it all on Takers! This compilation (Hosted By DJ Bang Bang) is comprised of hard beats & even sharper wordplay. Gutta Boy gives solid production & the rest of the CME collective hold thier own on such songs like "Get Down or Lay Down", "Certified", & "Come Up". David Banner guest appears on the "Outta Here" (Remix) which is a radio smash!!!  Put this in your iPod or MP3 & hear what greatness in the making sounds like!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Street Official Exclusive: PeeWee "Sauced Up" (Feat. Air Slim & Killa B)

Sauced Up [Single] (Click Here)

Supakidz & Murderteam affiliate PeeWee has created a buzz on the radio & the stage with the success of his dance & single "Go PeeWee". Now he's back with help from SSFFG Crew Members Air Slim & Killa B with "Sauced Up". The Durdy Costello produced banger is the first single from the forthcoming project Beyond All Dreams due to be released March 7th. Catch PeeWee & the Supakidz DJs every Wed. @ DreamzJxn for Wasted Wednesdays. Follow on Twitter @GoPeeWee

Thursday, February 2, 2012

5th Child: In The Meantime...

Artist/Producer & Jackson Free Press Best of 2012 Hip-Hop Artist winner 5th Child is back at it with In The Meantime... A collection of unreleased tracks & exclusive remixes. If you know 5th (Stephen Brown), this is something different from his normal format..but sometimes change can be good!!! Checkout songs like "Real As It Gets" (feat. Jeaux) & "Forever Young". I've been a fan of 5th Child since The Birth (the album that is) and you will be too!!! Follow on Twitter @5thchildmusic

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smokin' Aces: Closer to the Dream

Smokin Aces Nation (click here)

If Devin the Dude had two nephews, these cats would definitely be the picture that comes to mind. Closer to the Dream was released on MLK day. To be quite honest, we've come a long way and the Smokin' Aces (C-Lew & Rozay Mo) are here to take you on a ride!! (through the clouds that is) Clever wordplay, street-tales & ambition embodies the project throughout the album. Pay close attention to "Lost In My Thoughts", "Heartbreak" & "Barely Livin". January has displayed some good music thus far...I can't wait to see what the rest of 2012 unfolds!! Follow on Twitter @SmokinAces601 @sfgmCLew @RozayMo @SSFFG601

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dem Boyz: Fly Muzik

Dem Boyz (D. Black & LaRoc) have been flying high!! From the high-octane singles "6 Hundered & 1 Ways" (feat. Cassius & Tricky LT 45) to the K. Carr produced "Fist Pump". Now they are back with Flight Check (Hosted By DJ T-Lewis). Hard Beats, Fly Spitting & Star Power allures this project. Checkout songs "Certified", "We Run It", & "What Up Ju" (feat. Doe Hicks). As for the ladies, "Take Off" will take you where you need to go!! This is a great way to start off the New Year!! So grab your boarding pass & take flight!! Follow on Twitter @DemBoyzMuzik

Trey Parker: Laying It Down, One Wave At A Time

Some of you may recognize Trey Parker from the "Over The Top" sketches and funny skits that can be seen on You Tube or You would think that music would be far from the thought wrong!! WaveGrease displays Trey Parker giving his audience the same treatment from his sketches & a lot more!! Songs like "Toast", "Chocolate Covered Kisses", & "That's My Baby" all have "Ready for Radio" quality. But the song that stands out to me is "Nicki (True Story)". A true Hip-Hop story-telling tune that's reminiscent to the Common classic "I Use To Love Her". Overall, I advise you all to get some WaveGrease. Your head may like it!!! Follow on Twitter @treyparkermusic