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Monday, December 5, 2011

Street Official Exclusive: Rashad Street (Feat. Air Slim & Killa B) "Coming Down"

Coming Down (Download Here)

This is another single off my forthcoming project The Other Muzik (Hosted By Supakidz DJ Rico Banks). I just wanted to give you something for the Hoildays. Shoutout to Air Slim & Killa B for the love on this one!! It was produced by yours truly and it was inspired by the late great Pimp C. I hope you like it!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Street Official Exclusive: Rashad Street (Feat. Smoking Aces & Jess of Chic Bang Theory) "On Some G Sh*t"

On Some G Sh*t (download here) New Music from Rashad Street from the forthcoming project The Other Muzik hosted by Supakidz DJ Rico Banks. Log onto or

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Killa B: Murder Muzik

"Every street n*gga is not a rapper, every rapper is not a street n*gga. But when you get those two in the right of rightest of ways.... it's magic" -DJ Drama

With that being said, this is a certified street classic!!! Solid production, sharp delivery & overall a well placed project! Killa B sets out to merc any & everyone who opposes his lyrical prowess. This reminds me of TM 101 (the present day) but Killa sets himself apart from the Snowman. Checkout songs "Shooting Star", "Do It Like U", & "All For The Money". The fake & phony beware!! Killa B is marking for death.... 1 bar at a time!!! Follow on Twitter @killabsfg

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slimm Pusha: Magic At It's Best
This is truly what good music sounds like. From the soulful Sam Cooke assisted intro, to the melodic outro! IDM shows Slimm Pusha (E'Sirah Harris) going as far as the music will let him. Each song carries the next as if you were watching a movie!!! Checkout songs "Ray's Band", "Its About 2 Go", & the 5th Child produced "Bobbyahead". One song that sticks out (and you'll see why) is "Pray Fo Me". I could go on about this project...but don't take my word for it!!! Experience the magic for yourself!!! Kabata!!! Follow on Twitter @slimmPUSHA

Friday, October 14, 2011

Street Official Exclusive: Big K.R.I.T. (Feat. 8Ball & MJG & 2 Chainz) "Money On The Floor"

Mississippi's own Big K.R.I.T. is back at it agian!! This time he has Southern Legends 8Ball & MJG and ATL's own 2 Chainz to lend support on this banger!! K.R.I.T. has been making major moves (he produced T.I.'s new single "I'm Flexin") as he gets ready to release "Live From The Underground" coming early 2012. Big K.R.I.T. is currently on The Smokers Club 2 Tour. Follow on Twitter @BIGKRIT

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Luck: The Inside Man Presents....The Sextape
The Inside Man is back!!! This time he's baring it all!!! The Sextape shows songwriter/rapper/producer Luck (born Deunta Butler) detailing Late Night Exploits & Early Morning Sexcapades. The stories (as told by Luck) could make for a male verison of your favorite Zane book! The project's high point "Ex Messages" shows Luck delivering some sharp story-telling skills. Also checkout "Tonite" (Feat. Coke Bumaye) & "Low Down" (Feat. Slimm Pusha). Also featured on The Sextape is 1st Up Fam's Air Slim, Treasure Tee, Doe Hicks & Rozay Mo (Smoking Aces). Additional production was provided by DJ Bear & Confetti. Be sure to checkout The Sextape & be on the lookout for Round 2 coming soon!!! Follow on Twitter @1stUpLuck

Monday, September 26, 2011

Street Official Excluisve: Ulogy (feat. Coke Bumaye) "Life Management"

Life Management (Single) (Click Here)
Ulogy & Coke Bumaye lay it on the line with this record! Produced by 5th Child, this track is just a tid bit from the forthcoming album DEconstruction (Coming Soon). If you know struggle, you will definitely love this record!!! Follow on Twitter @Ulogy! Or checkout his bandcamp page at

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DJ Rico Banks & Luck Presents.....Lingerie Muzik 4

Ladies.....The Inside Man & DJ Rico Banks present to you Lingerie Muzik 4. If you haven't heard Luck's The Inside Man, don't worry. Here it is repackaged & revamped by Supakidz own Rico Banks!!! This is just a tease before Luck release his new project The Sextape Round 1 on September 28. So sit back, press play & get...well you know what to do!!!! Lingerie Muzik 4 (Free Download Here)

The Corner Store Vol. 1: The Grand Opening

The Corner Store Vol. 1 (Click Here)
It's finally here!!! It was expected to be a birthday release but DJ Bang Bang & my birthday (Sept. 10/Sept. 11) fell in the same week!!! (Things happen!!) So without no more delays, here it is!!! Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rich Kidd Allen: Young, Fly & Flashy

I met Rich Kidd Allen around the earlier part of this year. We both were on the same bill for a show at DreamzJXN that night. As I was talking to him, I soon gained instant respect for him. I gave him some advice (and as you will soon hear) he listened!!! R.N.M. is packed with street anthems, flashy delivery & a cat who is "Fly" at heart!! Hosted by Supakidz own DJ Rico Banks & DJ Dream, this is most definitely for the young, fly & flashy!!! Rich Kidd Allen has some serious guest apperances from Jackson's rising up and coming artists!! Check out "Street Muzik" (feat. Coke Bumaye) Also featured on the project is Doe Hicks, PeeWee, Luck & Hollywood. Durdy C provided the track "Drop It Down Low" (feat. Hollywood) and "4 - 3- 2 - 1" shows Rich displaying some lyrical assaults!! Get in tune & follow @richkiddallen on Twitter! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coke Bumaye: Scottie Pippen is Back!!! Before hearing the EP as a whole, I asked Coke to give me an exclusive!! He refused!! Only to say that he couldn't give me one because I would lose the concept! So now hearing this project, I can truly say Scottie Pippen is back!!!! (If he's Coke Bumaye) This was a very well-placed conceptual piece. From the start, you feel as if you were listening to a ESPN Special as told by Coke Bumaye. Each song has it's place. Coke says he's the best around the mic (as Scottie was around Mike) and it shows! This project was produced solely by 1st Up Fam's own Luck who gives you a solid platform top to bottom. It's safe to say that Scottie Pippen will be talked about more than the norm these days...but it won't be about a comeback on the court!! Follow on Twitter @cokebumaye

Saturday, August 27, 2011

DJ Bang Bang & DJ Rico Banks are Changing Lanes!!

DJ Bang Bang & DJ Rico Banks gives you a formula that is simple & effective...promote GOOD MUSIC & introduce you to what you need in your life!!! Changing Lanes gives you 60 minutes of heat provided by some artists you know & some artists you need to know! Lookout for Mississippi standouts Coke Bumaye, Slimm Pusha, Luck & many more. If you need a mix to hit the block with or you just wanna listen to the "real", switch lanes & get in tune!!! Go to & get connected!!! Follow on Twitter @djbangbang & @ricobanksupakid

Doe Hicks-Streets Or Beats: You Decide

From the introduction Donnie "Doe" Hicks makes it very's either Streets or Beats! This project takes you inside the day & life of a cat who, in his mind, won't except failure. Young, Fly & Swag is the only way to describe this joint in a nutshell. With songs like the DJ Bear produced "Sholl Iz", "Fuck Off" (Feat. Fly Gang) produced by Luck & "Like This Here" (Feat. Slimm Pusha) you can get the esscence of who Doe Hicks is. On the flip side, he makes it known that women who decieve men with fake apple bottoms gets no love on "No Booty Pads"! If you like hard beats, street anthems & fly content....Streets Or Beats is your fix & Doe Hicks is your supplier!!! Be on the lookout for S.O.B. dropping 9/1/11. Follow on Twitter @DoeHicks!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleepyhead Goes To Paris: The Trip Is Here!!!

Sleepyhead Goes To Paris (free download here) This project has taken me a long time to put together!! Mainly because I didn't want to insult the genres that are displayed throughout this project. I've re-done this project 5 times and here it is 9 songs later "Live From The Danger Room". Quick backdrop on SHGTP. "Sleepyhead" was a nickname given to me when I was younger because if I stayed still to long, i'll fall asleep. "Goes To Paris" comes from my inspiration of my favorite French House groups (Daft Punk, Cassius, etc.). So when I create this particular genre of music, I (Sleepyhead) go to Paris in my mind. So I hope there's something you can enjoy on this project. Grab your ticket & fly with me!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Street Official Exlclusive: The Weeknd & 5th Child "Glass Table Girls " (Remix)

When you're an artist, sometimes you'll be so focused on what you got going, that you find yourself lost from the outside. Well last night I was put on to this cat from Canada who calls himself The Weeknd (Abel Tesfay) by my homie 5th Child while at his studio. If you haven't heard House of Ballons or Thursday, do yourself a favor & get in tune!! Well the fam laid this track on me and I was compelled to give it to you!!! So check it out!!! Also pick up 5th Child's self-titled album now available on iTunes!!! Click on the link & enjoy!!

Air Slim-Sex, Money & Drugs: Get Some In Your Life You see the the title and may think this is a little too much for my ears!! Well I'm hear to say this is a "Must Have" that you need in your iPod, Lac, etc. This project from the 1st Up Fam collective give you more than what the album title embodies. Make sure to check out songs like "Fallin" (Feat. Coke Bumaye & Kamikaze) & "Where You Are". The solid production was provided by Mississippi's own Luck, BJuize, Confetti, J. Strongarm, Lil' P & Durdy Costello. I co-sign this not because this is my fam...but this is "Good Quality Music"!!! If you don't think so, click on the link and do what the label say "LISTEN AT OWN RISK"!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rashad Street The Who Am I EP Available Now!!!

This is my 1st official project that I've released. I'm very proud of it!!! I hope that when you listen, you'll get the full effect of what I was trying to do!! I got the chance to work with some incredible people! S/O to K. Carr, B Juize, 5th Child, Coke Bumaye, & Blackaveli for what they've contributed to this project!! Go download it now on my bandcamp page or support the movement by purchasing the EP on iTunes, amazon, etc. Enjoy!!