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Monday, December 10, 2018

Dear Silas and his brand partners with RCA/Sony Music Global

This year has been nothing short of spectacular for Silas. Since the release of his sophomore LP The Last Cherry Blossom, we have seen his star skyrocket! It's not everyday that an artist gets his own beer or have celebrities quote their record word for word and even go viral with help from an old classic cartoon. Those things just don't happen often! 

Yeah you can say that it has been an awesome year for Silas. With 600K views on Youtube and music streams, it comes to no surprise that someone in the Big Leagues would see what we all knew for some time...Silas is a star!! With many labels stirring a bidding war, Silas and his team have partnered with RCA/Sony Music Global. 

This is a major accomplishment and a major win for Mississippi. It was only a matter of time before the floodgates would open. We can't be denied now! So kudos to Silas and his team at OurGlass Media Group and Legal Counsel! From we wish you nothing but success! Follow @dearsilas and!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

SilaS is showing us "The Hokage Way"

In 4 years, SilaS has done some pretty amazing things. His journey thus far has been something to marvel. From going viral (with a song that most kids from the 90's era could love and appreciate) to creating a movement and a lane all based on "being oneself". Fast forward to 2018. SilaS is doing things that most artists (Indie or Major) would hope they could in their careers. With his recent release The Last Cherry Blossom (available on all streaming services), he's partnered with Jackson's Luckytown Brewery to create his own beer Cherry Blossom. Not to mention TLCB charted #38 on iTunes music charts. A major accomplishment for most Indie Artist. With a music soundtrack to his credit and tour on the way, things are looking up for the 'Hokage'. Let the Village rejoice!! For tour info, follow @dearsilas 

Artists You Need To Know: Ty Cage

Rise (Click Here)

In this male dominated field, it's good to see some female MC's get a chance to shine. Detroit's Ty Cage is ready to claim a spot and deliver a message in the process. She recently released Rise (Currently on all streaming services) and has no fear only faith! She delivers sharp lyrics with transparency and provide a positive message throughout her music. She's a JSU graduate (Bachelor's degree in Business) but has decided to take a stab at pursuing her music. Only time will tell what's in store for Cage. I for one can't wait to see what unfolds as she's has the potential to do great things. So tune in and follow @ty_cage

Eeze Fresh urges us all to Never Say Never

Never Say Never (Click Here)

Eeze Fresh (a.k.a. PeeWee) has had his share of trails and tribulations. Through it all, he's taken all the miscues and hardships and fueled his creativity. The result...Never Say Never. This 10 piece serves as Eeze's best work to date. With melodic cadences mixed with a heavy dose of truthful tales of one's redemption is a recipe that will be sure to win over the listener's ear. Follow @fnleeze

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Trunk Muzik's Crown King

King Of Trunk Muzik (Click Here)

Columbus, Mississippi's own Big Zack Mack is bringing back a sound that is missed and highly appreciated on King Of Trunk Muzik. Mack has a major influence that reference UGK as it contains plenty "Country Rap Tunes". The project mixes syrup infused melodies with an undeniable baritone that provides the proper element for the true essence of rider music. Overall, Big Zack Mack is a hidden gem and if you are in need of a fix for some knock for the truck, than look no further...your King is here! Follow @bigzaymackraps

Sika feeding the soul with The Meal Plan EP

Sika's approach to this project was refreshing and rather unique. The Meal Plan EP comes off like a reflective letter that's being expressed by close friends and music collaborators. The music is brief but it leaves you with a lasting impression. Soulful and full of color, this project is setting us up for something much greater. So take it all in and enjoy! Follow @_iamsika_

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Night To Become "Legendary"

                     Photo Courtesy of FullofFlava (from L to R: Dolla Black, Coke Bumaye, Hollywood Luck, Savvy & Tricky LT 45)

If you've been around the Jackson Music Scene or surrounding areas in the past 5 years or more, then these 5 individuals name should pop up in much or many of the discussions when it comes to the soundscape of Jackson. Dolla, Coke, Luck, Savvy & Tricky have been a vital part of the Music Scene not just in the City of Jackson, but outside the State Lines as well. So when it was announced that these guys would come together to put on what may be one of the biggest showcases this year, it is and will be a night to remember! So on August 25th be sure to leave that day open! For one night, this may be a show that could go down as a Legendary and Star Studded Event! So for those who are unfamiliar, I created a playlist to get you in tuned! May I see you there! Get Ready!!

The Legends of Summer Playlist (click here)